View Full Version : Dry Cell & All parts and more for sale

03-16-2009, 03:50 PM
I have a dry cell that I bought a while back that I want to sell. This thing produces a ton of HHO, I got it up to 4or5 LPM, don't quite remember, but was having trouble and now I know that the problem was that I was not using PURE potassim hydroxide. Anyway, I lost interest in the whole thing a while back and I'm way too busy right now to mess with it. I have the cell, 7x7 I think, oh, the plates are LASER CUT perfect, 2 reservoirs, 2 solenoids, 2 efie s , wire, switches, tubing, voltage testers, you name it! I would like to sell it all together.
I paid $400 for the cell and probably another $400-$600 for the rest of the stuff. Make me an offer, I will send you any and everything I have that is HHO related. I also have a piece of 316 L stainless that I will list on another listing. Call me for more details at 540-771-4401. Thanks. Richard
I also have a new 6" sheet metal sheer that is on ebay right now for $29.99 ending tomorrow.