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03-22-2014, 12:31 AM
Our innovative Automotive Hydrogen on Demand technology decreases fuel consumption by 20%-60% and offers significant reduction of NOx, CO, CO2 and HC emissions.
HHO equipment works on any internal combustion engine.

Advantages of Hydrogen HHO generators

Our Hydrogen HHO generators are one of the most efficient and well-built units on the market.

All Hydrogen generators are available as complete kits, including ProTuner, Diesel Tuner, EFIE or PWM.

We use only 316L stainless steel plates in our design.

All fasteners are 304 stainless steel to prevent rust and oxidation.

Reservoir fittings are factory welded, eliminating any chance of leaking.

Generators and electronics are designed for gasoline, diesel and LPG fueled engines.

Our systems are available in 12 and 24 volt versions.

All generators have multi-fuel capabilities.

Recommended equipment
The correct combination of a Hydrogen HHO generator and an electronic controller is required to achieve maximum results. Electronic controllers regulate the hydrogen flow and manipulate electrical signals delivered from the vehicle’s sensors. We offer a full range of electronic products compatible with all HHO supplementation systems

We provide very good instructions. 99% of our customers do the installation themselves

Any HHO + PRO TUNER = 30-60% Fuel saving

ProTuner – maximum fuel savings

ProTuner is the most powerful and complete fuel optimization system available today. It is the ONLY device you need to control and optimize any HHO Hydrogen generator.

Built in intelligence, automatically turns on sensor manipulators in optimized order to produce the greatest gains possible. Advanced circuitry maintains constant setting regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Perfect for any engine, operating on gasoline, diesel or LPG. A universal fit transferable to any other vehicle.

Fuel saving results
HHO only: 10-25%
HHO + EFIE: 15-35% (using EFIE or EFIE / PWM Combo unit)
HHO + EFIE + IAT + MAP and more: 30-60% (using ProTuner)


Tune like a pro or just keep it simple. Start with a single wire connection or connect all the sensors and let ProTuner completely remap the fuel system. It will make your car think it is driving down a hill and save lots of fuel! The more sensors you connect and tune, the greater are the fuel saving results.

Ease of Use

The digital LCD display shows the sensor adjustment settings. The simple 3 button interface allows you to tune the sensors and regulate the HHO settings.

New features

ProTuner now includes factory preset settings from conservative to aggressive tuning. You can get started without having to learn the technical aspects of tuning.

ProTuner controls all the sensors of the fueling system. Most importantly, it balances the signals of the sensors and maintains harmony within the computer system, which is the key to the greatest fuel savings.


https://www.greensource.ca/affiliate-hho-hydrogen-generator/?ap_id=miracleheater - CANADA

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