1. Ropz’s interview: Esthoina’s talent

    Estonian star of the future, mousesports genius player ropz: "I will not compare with Puppey, he has achieved too much."
    Ropz is the future star of Estonia, and now it is mousesports the main breakthrough hand. Although the DreamHack 2017 cycle performance is poor, but he was about to ESL Super League fifth season line finals to prove himself.

    Before the start of the game, ropz received a brief interview, about the personal and competitive life in their own, as well ...
  2. From 1.6 to GO, the faith will never fade

    With the CS: GO increasingly hot, more and more "Meng new" players into the CS: GO this family. When watching the game, there are always a lot of people wonder why everyone called NiPa belief it?

    NiP full name NinjasinPyjamas, meaning pajamas ninja. NiP's history can be traced back to the 2001 CS era. In the CPL organized large-scale e-sports events, NiP win over X3 (later became a 3D (clan), one of the famous American team). After the sponsor because of the reasons, all ...
  3. These 10 kinds of players almost drive me crazy!(part 1)

    Some play CS: GO players will believe in such a motto, playing better than the row of good, not afraid of God in the game opponents like pig-like teammates. Every day we will match in the game to a variety of teammates, and some teammates like the savior generally again and again one's own team from the cliff side to save, and there are some part-time teammates are dumbfounding, today Xiaobian on the inventory of CS : GO's most crazy teammate Top10.

    No. 10: hang star
    Often ...