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  1. GM discovers steering flaw, doesn't issue recall

    GM is in the spotlight again for not issuing a recall after becoming aware of a safety issue. 50 GM vehicle owners have complained of their steering wheel seizing up while driving. GM looked into the issue and found that the occurrence was so rare, it didn't warrant a recall. This time, GM has the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on their side. It seems the issue only occurs when people drive a long distance without turning the wheel at all and then the steering becomes slightly more ...
  2. Ten of the coolest manual transmission cars

    Do you consider yourself a car enthusiast? If so, chances are you love the feel of a manual transmission. Thereís something romantic about going for a drive and having one hand resting on the stick, manually switching gears when you need to. These days, finding a stick shift is getting harder and harder. More and more people are opting for automatic transmissions so they donít have to worry about the clutch or the stick shift. However, there are still some cool cars out there that have a manual ...