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  1. 16 plate HHO with petrol engine

    AM working on dry HHO for more then 1 year. I spend much time and money on my experiments. Finally i build a dry HHO of 16 plates of size 6 x 7 and use KOH as catalyst with this configuration (+NNNN-NNNN+NNNN-) the amount of KOH is as adjusted so that the amount of current and water temperature remain under control and am getting a better amount of HHO gas too.

    At time am in gr8 trouble and really very upset as i install this HHO in a petrol car of 1000cc model SUZUKI Cultus. But ...
  2. best Electrolytes

    Quote Originally Posted by petergrote1911 View Post
    Can not recommend Baking Soda as Electrolyte.
    But Soda Ash works very well. ( Availabe for Swimming Pools )
    Another Option for a none caustic Electrolyte is Potassium Carbonate.
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