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  1. Dyno Tests

    The naysayers always mention the fact that it takes more energy to produce the hydroxy than is gained by using it. [Second Law of Thermodynamics]

    What they can't seem to get into their perceived master minds is that there is additional energy stored in the un-burned fuel. As a matter of fact 70% is wasted in the form of heat.

    The claims are that by injecting H2 O2 into the mix you can produce a faster burn. The more of the fuel burned on each power stroke, the more ...
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  2. Positive News Reports

    Quote Originally Posted by olds maniac View Post
    hey all i am new to the site and wanted to share my experiences with you .
    i have built 5 different hho generators and am having great results with my latest one
    i have it mounted in the bed of my chevy 2500 hd truck and am testing this one now
    its former version number 4 was in my truck and i was getting about a 10% savings in fuel usage
    it was a 12 plate version drawing about 25 amps the new version is 43 plates 7 groups with 5 neutral plates 4 groups positive and
  3. A Superb Site for Circuit Prototyping

    I really love this site:

    Used to be

    You can get started prototyping circuits and drawing up schematics without downloading any software. It is all modern web technology in the browser!
  4. Recreate the Arduino Powered PWM

    I am by no means a professional EE, so if you see anything here that is not up to standards (and you see what I'm doing wrong) please feel free to tell me.

    I don't sell these things and I don't intend to.
    If you want to try and reproduce my setup, I can help you with that.

  5. Arduino Controlled PWM


    While learning about PWM manipulation, I also discovered a really cool related project
    Basically, this device allows you to connect an Arduino in and immediately (after some minor coding) read the values via standard OBD-II protocol based interfaces. Some example values are: RPM, throttle position and calculated engine load. There are ...
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