Putting Freedom into Good Use

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You came to college with the hope that you will use the freedom you could not get at home to achieve your goals. However, the environment predisposed you to social ills that have now become the derailing factors to your academic performance in school. You could change your lifestyle because you have the innate capacity to use the freedom to correct your mistakes and position yourself for better things in future. Use your freedom to access online help sites that enable you to understand how to compile CA best essays among other assignments given by the professors.

You may have made mistakes in the past including using your freedom to go to parties and road trips that have so far wasted an integral portion of your time. You could try to change the narrative by using the chance to create awareness to your colleagues. Furthermore, the society expects that you will put enough effort to influence the lives of others and for the overall benefit of the world. Make sure that you use your freedom for the right activities to avoid regrets. You are too young to let your life take a risky turn in an environment where you are supposed to create a good foundation.
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