FIFA 17 FUT boutique player recommended(part2)

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All 433 and 4231 the most fundamental difference I think it is the location of the wings, because the midfield a few people according to the player will be transposition each other little difference, while the sidewalk attack 433 will be in the other line of defense near the last line, pull Offensive width, while the 4231 two sides more close to the middle of the road on both sides of the ball. 433 winger more direct face to the other side of the opportunity to guard, 4231 side wing is required in the midfield on the appropriate amount of the transfer to the middle, with the demand forward (unless you can pass the tape all over the road), while the back Plug in the manufacturing space, have a certain organizational role.

In fact, fifa this game, if not the lineup special trench, or pay attention to a little real football tactics, cheap fifa coins pull space, a small range with the fast ball, the landlord actually technology will only use a few, not SM, Like the team to set their own tactics to kick the fun .

Say how to deal with injuries, 17 injury mechanism is abnormal, the players often hurt. As a hand to play, thousands of heal card is not worthwhile, which I generally use another array of players in the replacement of the players (two sets of back and forth to restore physical strength, the wounded put the reserve, will affect the chemical but do not need heal money The). The players on both sides of the play to give him to eat 150 fitness card to restore physical strength on the line.

Serie A first introduced so few, after buying a new and then come back evaluation. buy fifa coins Said before the last of the Spanish side of the next back of the Roman florenze and rui, all belong to the type of small fast spirit, florenze where the players can play all the data are more than 70. (In the past, I was playing in the midfield winger later changed to the side guard, and I like Saroberto similar) In fact, money or must use sandro such players, the reason is the height of the body, to prevent the other corner or pass After eating. The left side of the alex right is a savvy choice

My La Liga lineup is in the figure below. At present the player is too expensive, LW with the Walcott just Tuen two Carrasco try, LB with Dini, ST with Arsenal lucas perez.

Just do the two are 0: 1 lost, the more the more important to play the details, a key error often determines the game, and sometimes luck is also very important, the most important thing is mentality, because d1d2 win or lose is really five But also to see luck (except God)


I show the success of the relegation, and there are two can not win on the d1 back to the topic began to introduce La Liga players, first recommended Turan, dribbling pass is low with the version of the white, but this cargo defense ratio White strong, mentality is HH, in the defensive number is not dominant 433 midfield is very important. Turan is a balanced player, all aspects are not bad, feel very good, in the midfield can play midfielder that can also play metronome, if the economy can not be white, J Luo, you can consider Turan (Cork is also good).


Here is gomes, he is a surprise to me 17, because in reality he is not so good, but this gold card is very easy to use. Body, defense, height, is my reason to change him into the waist (La Liga lack of waist, not too slow is too soft). Although the mentality of MM, but both ends of his offensive and defensive figure (also need metaphysical interpretation). 188 height and large models to ensure the quality of his defense, long-range is also a threat, plug is also good. In short, this card I give full score, the reality of gomes also need to continue to work is possible to succeed professor.


Left winger, but also the lack of talented people in the ring, then the two brothers I can not afford to buy (save money), so that as long as the following 1w Carrasco, just playing with him a few games, But also good, 180 height has a certain ability to fight, 88 speed did not have to say, agile 91 ah 91, shot power 84 feet 4 stars, is simply the sound of the silk, I only 27w gold coins, you say let me change? For whom?