These 10 kinds of players almost drive me crazy!(part 1)

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Some play CS: GO players will believe in such a motto, playing better than the row of good, not afraid of God in the game opponents like pig-like teammates. Every day we will match in the game to a variety of teammates, and some teammates like the savior generally again and again one's own team from the cliff side to save, and there are some part-time teammates are dumbfounding, today Xiaobian on the inventory of CS : GO's most crazy teammate Top10.

No. 10: hang star
Often in the game there is a class of people or in the game before or in the game, suddenly did not move, especially in the pistol board left four teammates four face muddy forced. Xiao Bian's experience from the point of view, the majority of such hangers hang up the reasons are to take take-away, then call or baby and cry to coax and other uncontrollable factors, because the plot is not serious on the first 10.
Sudden situation is not the reason to hang up

No.9: infinite water of the mix of players
Athletic games are always individual fish in troubled waters, these players usually play the role of minimal bottom, it can be said that the whole process of lying on the water to win, encounter such players will make people quite helpless. But who have a bad state, Xiao Bian himself often lie down, cs go Coin Flip Skins so encounter this kind of players we still want to encourage the main teaching supplement, treat every good water catching fish.

No.8: Mourning man
The brain is a good thing, there is a class of players may be born with aggressive heroic descent, play the game to play can be described as most vividly. Know that before the fire, tend to fire in the line. No matter what time, with the enemy front gun just is the first choice, the remnants never wait for teammates, "stop my death" is their game motto, met such a teammate baby is heart bitter, big brother, calm ah The

No.7: people on the hilltop
Some players may be the turret in the flashing skills to the CS: GO, Coin Flip cs go perhaps the top of the hole in the network and equipment is really not very good, wore more than 20 loss of hundreds of Ping also adhere to the game. This kind of perseverance Xiaobian I admire, although the national service after the opening of this situation has been very rare, but still hope that the individual players in the cave as soon as possible to repair the network, update the hardware bar, at least do not open the VPN to play national dress Ah, so "far away" is what kind of trouble.

No.6: the line of my own loner
There are a class of players they like aloof swordsman, never willing to cooperate with his teammates, even though they may martial arts and high strength often turn the tide, but still will give his teammates a bad gaming experience. Such players are often very confident that their dictionary does not have the word ECO, play the game style is arbitrary line of my own from the disdain to listen to his teammates command. 4 teammates choose ECO when someone bought a sniper rifle, who would cry for tears it.