From 1.6 to GO, the faith will never fade

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With the CS: GO increasingly hot, more and more "Meng new" players into the CS: GO this family. When watching the game, there are always a lot of people wonder why everyone called NiPa belief it?

NiP full name NinjasinPyjamas, meaning pajamas ninja. NiP's history can be traced back to the 2001 CS era. In the CPL organized large-scale e-sports events, NiP win over X3 (later became a 3D (clan), one of the famous American team). After the sponsor because of the reasons, all the players away SK (clan), which is later the famous SK Scandinavian team. Several players in the SK also achieved success, they won in 2003 the total prize money of $ 170,000.

But still because of the sponsorship of the problem, SK players in the first half of 2005 to leave the team. Perhaps everything is the fate of the arrangements, they decided to rebuild NIP after careful consideration.
2012, with the release of CS: GO NiP first announced the transition CS: GO. die besten cs go Jackpot On August 10, NiP announced a new CS: GO lineup, including f0rest, Get_Right ', Xizt, Fifflaren and friberg five players. From this team created in 2012, so far we can still see four of them figure, perhaps so that they did not think that this is called the NIP team actually accompanied them in the second half of the whole career The

As the first transformation of CS: GO clan, NiP was a great success. As of April 5, 2013, NiP created 83 undefeated myths, the record so far no one broke.

With the CS: GO in foreign increasingly popular, NiP has also been more and more challenges. The world's teams have appeared, compared to the state of Fnatic is also worse, experienced brilliant NIP seems to have experienced a series of failures after the heavy fall in the bottom. But let everyone did not think that this experienced glory and failure of the team but from the bottom of the climb out of the 14 years in the major stage NIP incredible victory over the year known as personal ability and team capacity are all new fnatic, Won the major championship and was named the 2014 "best e-sports team."
Although they beat the enemy fnatic win in 2014ESLOne Cologne Major. kostenlose cs go Jackpot Seiten But the fatigue of the existing NiP in the ESWC2014 World Finals was eliminated, a direct result of the team core Fifflaren's departure. After the NiP lineup only around the sniper changes, for the other four players clan management to give enough trust, compared to other players on the results of the replacement team, the NiP lineup is stable. In 2015 DreamHack Clujay Major, a map fire over CS: GO circle. The player in the picture is friberg. In the poor state of time, he suffered from criticism and accusations from the outside world. And Friberg did not make any excuse, but chose a silent gun. When the teammates have to rest, the open training room only friberg a person, in the silent insistence.

In the July 7, 16th ESLOne Cologne game, NiP accidentally lost to FlipSid3, failed to enter the Major tournament quarterfinals, with regret and leave the Cologne Major event stadium. From CSGO the first major to the present, this is the belief team NIP for the first time not into the top eight out of the legendary group of the queue. When NIP lost the last game, several popular players are unable to suppress their emotions hide and cry, and even the audience cheers have not yet accepted the already exit. Perhaps the face of this result, this team members are more difficult than we are acceptable to it Nearly 30 years old "old forest" may not know that they still have the ability to once again lead the team to the peak, but do not know these from the CS1.6 era will be active in the game on the old teammates can continue to fight for how long. Perhaps a lot of people are thinking, after all, or to leave the faith?
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