Ropzís interview: Esthoinaís talent

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Estonian star of the future, mousesports genius player ropz: "I will not compare with Puppey, he has achieved too much."
Ropz is the future star of Estonia, and now it is mousesports the main breakthrough hand. Although the DreamHack 2017 cycle performance is poor, but he was about to ESL Super League fifth season line finals to prove himself.

Before the start of the game, ropz received a brief interview, about the personal and competitive life in their own, as well as the status of Estonian e-sports.

Q: You have to make a balance in the cause of e-sports and learning, but also take into account the expectations of parents. Now that you have been a professional player for a while, have you considered a full-time player? Did the performance on the main stage of the race race change?
Indeed, cs go Giveaway Seiten I now find the balance. After the mousesports offer the opportunity, parents begin to understand the world of e-sports. Yes, my parents and relatives have to watch my game on the round robin.

Sometimes when I did not show the best time, I wanted to be a full-time professional player, focusing on the game. But accepting basic education is that I do not want to do it later. Now is the best time to receive basic education.

Now, the truth says I rarely focus on learning, but I still do everything. My school students need to spend more time on my students to complete their daily studies. So I am very keen on learning. In the past I have been doing this, but it is difficult to keep up with the schedule. I can train the same time before, but will not be affected.
This may be the most difficult thing I need to solve now.

Q: Do you have a training base now, if so, how are you feeling In general, cs go Gewinnspiele how can an e-sports professional affect your daily life and relationships?

We have no training base yet, but we already have a plan. Because the teammates are very interesting, friendly and have ideas, so I can see them in the round robin very comfortable.

Lowol welcome ropz together to participate in the round robin (like little sister)

Culture is having a positive impact on me. I want to say is that in the small city I am very popular, most of the Estonian club know me, I feel more respect. I came to a conclusion: E-sports are real, people are gradually accepting it.

Everyday life, school and training do not have much time outside, but we do have a holiday.

Q: In e-sports, Estonia is not known. But in any case, has come out of the top talent, such as yourself and Dota2 player Puppy. what are you thinking? Does Estonian patriotism have a great influence on you?

Now I will not compare with Puppy, because he has achieved too much, most of the e-sports crowd heard of him.

Estonian Dota2 professional player Puppey made Ti1 and hurt Major's champion

Most children in Estonia play video games, but few people take it seriously and reach some sort of point. This is a small country, on the e-sports, so far we have done pretty good. In addition because the country is small, so people are very different technical level.

Estonian almost no other players can be the same as I can compete in the international level, not enough to form a strong national team, so many top players choose international team. Although there are enough people to set up the middle of the team, but I even doubt can not last.

I do not have so much patriotism, but I feel that when people talk about me I have to do my best so that my country can get more recognition.