£500 million! Arsenal’s offer to Rodríguez

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In a controversial sound, Wenger had lasted for two years with Arsenal. Under pressure, he was eager to win the Premiership championship in the new season, and Arsenal to win to buy people. Up to now, Arsenal this summer only signed a defender, top fut 17 coins sellers striker failed to make the professor is very anxious. "Daily Mirror" revealed Wenger in the brewing generous, he was ready to hit 50 million pounds to buy Real Madrid's frustrated J Luo.
"Mirror" pointed out that Rodríguezhas entered the Wenger this summer's acquisition list. Real Madrid in the absence of re-use of Rodríguezhas long been decided to leave the team this summer, there are a number of giants to start their chase. Although Rodríguezlast season in Real Madrid's playing time and performance are very limited, but his competitive state has not been too much questioned. After weighing the pros and cons, Wenger said Rodríguezworthy of the start.
Next year is the World Cup, Rodríguezneed to get a stable playing time in the club to ensure his position in the national team. According to the French media yesterday reported that Paris is currently in the battle of Rodríguezin a leading position, large Paris offer for 70 million euros, higher than Wenger's offer (50 million pounds = 57 million euros). If you really want to win J Luo, Wenger may have to increase later.
Arsenal major shareholder Karen Ke this summer for Arsenal to provide 150 million pounds of signings funds, this figure looks very scary, but in fact can not buy a few stars, because the transfer market is now crazy. Arsenal had already proposed to the Mbapi 120 million pounds offer, if really succeeded, which also have money to sign J Luo?
Wenger was bent on buying people to enhance the strength, but he had to pay attention to the existing players in the psychological state, such as the replacement of God Feng Da Lu Lu. Giroux in the 2016-17 season as a substitute, his playing time is very limited. However, Giroux in a limited time to play is quite good, his goal was once the highest efficiency of the Premiership, caused a number of Premier League feathers of concern. Recently, Giroux has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation, he asked for more playing time.
Gillian's remarks were made public, several Italian teams expressed their interest, but the "Mirror" pointed out that West Ham is more hope to sign Giroux, hammer to help the London team. In 2012, Wenger spent 13 million pounds signed Giru, cheapest fifa coin sites he currently played for Arsenal 118 games and scored 69 goals, the goal rate is very good.
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