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hey all i am new to the site and wanted to share my experiences with you .
i have built 5 different hho generators and am having great results with my latest one
i have it mounted in the bed of my chevy 2500 hd truck and am testing this one now
its former version number 4 was in my truck and i was getting about a 10% savings in fuel usage
it was a 12 plate version drawing about 25 amps the new version is 43 plates 7 groups with 5 neutral plates 4 groups positive and 3 negative drawing around 30 amps and making much more than the previous version
cant wait to run a few tanks of fuel through the truck and figure out what i am saving now
i also want to add a high voltage coil to this system and a pwm (i had one but blew it up )
i also want to add a chip to the computer to enhance the injection system
if anyone has had any experience with the enhancement chips or wiring a high voltage coil i would love some of your ideas
and i will be happy to share my designs
so far the one i am running is a wet cell with flat plate stainless cells i am considering building a myer's set up next