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    I am interested in separating the two gasses, but...

    I am interested in separating the two gasses, but I would like to attempt to keep them separate as they come off the plates. Not allowing them to mix in the first place. I might try using tyvek house...
  2. Possible plate seperator that can also keep the gasses seperate?

    I've been thinking about building a wet unit that will keep the hydrogen gas separate from the oxygen gas. My thoughts of material to try is tyvek house wrap (or similar brand).

    Just wondering if...
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    Anyone heating a building with hho?

    So I've been feeling the hit of propane prices this winter, as it is currently at $4.90/gal compared to $2.30/gal last time I filled up. Makes me wonder if it would be possible to heat a building...
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    I couldn't believe it!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I will start by saying that I am new to hho. I just built my first one with $10 worth of materials (INCLUDING a $4 jar of peanuts) from my local...
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