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    Iniesta may leave Barca soon

    Barcelona captain Iniesta yesterday was exposed to be photographed by Juventus, the Bianconeri plan to make the old white hit a new Pirlo. However, in an interview, Iniesta said the future may not be...
  2. Morata will leave in this summer, and competed by 2 clubs

    In the game against Sevilla, J Luo has to bid farewell to Real Madrid fans, Mora and with a more subtle behavior that their attitude. In the first 61 minutes after being replaced by Vazquez, Moratta...
  3. Barca hot selected coach is stolen by Os Celestes

    In this season, Barcelona left the last three games did not kick. Luis - Enrique Barcelona career, also left the last three games. So far, Barcelona still did not announce the rookie candidates,...
  4. Benzema is competed by 3 Football Clubs

    In the Real Madrid team, Benzema is regarded as a back pot. Benzema does state ups and downs, but he often burdened with infamy. Not long ago Benzema also publicly complained that he will always be...
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