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Thread: Aluminum!!!!!

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    Hi guys, my name is Martin and I am reading all over the place to build a dry cell. My apologies to stir up this post again, but I find very little (to none) tests with Aluminum plates. Did one ever test this?

    I also read it only produces hydrogen gas and not HHO. Does this has different effect on your enginer then HHO? Does the Volo can handle this as well?

    We have several cars and I like to try a dry cell for on our carboratored car to see what the results are, before buying the needed stuff for electronic fuel injection.

    Anyway... I was curious if one tried this set up with aluminum already. My main reason is that I would not like to have the side product Chromium and do not mind to have once in 6 or 12 months maintenance on my dry cell. (No offence, but one could also not drive forever without changing oil )

    Hope to get a reply


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    I guess you have not been searching in the right places. NaOH and KOH dissolve aluminium quickly. Hence, they do not use them for long-term production.
    There is a carbon catalyst product which is being introduced to industries which uses aluminium and water to hake copious amounts of Hydrogen though.
    I believe it's called CC HOD. Check that out and see.

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    Try different methods of producing with AL instead of the usual. There has to be a different way to do so wo\ithout wearing your plates.

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    There is a method to use AL as the plates without damaging the plates. To the best of my knowledge it has no advantage economically or in fuel savings. The only advantage is it removes any chance of the known cancer producing hexavalent chromium (Cr6) which is not an issue when a stainless steel reactor is built and used properly. So why waste your time.
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    ONE Liter per minute per 10 amps which just isn't possible Ha Ha .

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    well you can get cancer from just about anything these days lolz.


    Anyways good luck with your cell

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    Lye will eat aluminium, create heat, and produce hydrogen. Lye and aluminium are the main ingredients of Draino, and the reason Draino does so well at removing grease clogs in drains. But, if you want plain hydrogen, chopped up aluminium cans will do great. I'd start with a weak solution of lye so the mixture doesn't get so hot it starts boiling. From what I have read, lye causes aluminium to oxidize rapidly, and the oxygen for oxidizing aluminium comes from H20, leaving just the H. Putting strips of aluminium foil in an old glass coke bottle with some water and lye is a quick way make a balloon that floats better than helium, although the hydrogen creeps through the wall of the balloon faster than helium. They likely won't last overnight, but they're great while they do last.

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