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Thread: Trying to stop the SPAM!

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    Not yet Mike,

    I have noticed a few spam bots trying to register again... I went through the new user list and accepted a lot of folks, but out of all the new members, there were still about 3 in there that were no good....
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    c02cutter Guest


    I like the idea of screening members that sign up. I under stand the issues that are popping up, and know it is more of a pain to stop than many realize.

    An idea to consider is to give know valued members enough admin power to delete the posts, and delete that member that posted it. I know that some board administration allows for this option, but others don't. So it my not be an option to consider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeknikL View Post
    I haven't seen any spam reports in a while! looks like we have it licked.

    think it's safe to turn off moderated new users?
    Thank you so much for trying to take care of this garbage! It is SO frustrating!
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    hho Guest


    I also use vBulletin for my site. This is my first posting so don't get me wrong. This is not my site. But I suggest going to http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=198 and having a good look around to solve this problem. I also run 3.6.8 If your interested in my hacks or plugins or my site drop a posting. Or email me. No spam allowed. This is a great site having a great deal of information. Great Job.

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    It looks like the spammers have found this site now bigtime, I suppose this was inevitable seeing as the forum gets lots of search engine hits now.

    I know that policing and moderating a forum as active as this is a big job and even with several people working on the task real life can make it next to impossible still.

    If some extra hands would be a help I would certainly like to volunteer my services, I have a strong IT background and am on these forums multiple times everyday. The offer is there if it would help.

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    I wrote a good mod for phpbb that stopped bots cold.
    there are also some simple mods that block registration if they try to enter a web site in the sig or try to enter a field that you have intentionally left out.

    my mod required new posts to contain an admin assign phrase or word that you would post in the rules. If the phrase or word was left out, the post was blocked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by computerclinic View Post
    We can delete the posts, and also ban the We cant ban by IP address because we are using vBulletin which does not have the available option for that sort of ban installed (yet)...
    I know it would be a pain in the ass, but try SMF forum software instead of vBulletin for your forum software. SMF has all the cool bells and whistles for stopping and banning spammers.

    That's what we use to create my website WhereTheTrailEnds.com. The only time I had any issues was when the GD module went down and I dropped the CAPCHA code for a day or two. Man was that a rough few days.

    Fortunately there are a few user written mods that I implemented to keep the spammers at bay till I got the GD module back up and the CAPCHA code fixed.

    Talking about user written mods, SMF has a ton of them. Some of the cooler ones you can check out on my site, like Custom Profiles.

    OK, back to spammers ...

    For any usermane, email address, or IP in question, check it on StopForumSpam.com

    ... and to find their location and possible websites attached, check it on uTrace.de/

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    Nice site

    There were a few that I had suggested while we were early on, but now there are just so many posts and members, well lets just say that it would be a challenge to change forums simply because of the way vBulletin structures the SQL tables.

    If you know a way for us to transfer all existing data and translate it into another forum package DB, we would definately be interested. Me personally, I like WowBB. I would even be happy that the data was csv

    Also thanks for the tips!
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    "You don't always have to know ALL the answers, but you do need to know where to find them."

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    JonDoh Guest


    yea... Spammers SuX

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    Default Spammers

    Hi All,

    I know some new members are being approved slowly, your name is in with a lot of spammers many have registered here also but haven't been approved, its a slow process to "weed out" the good from the bad with new applications daily.

    There are around 82,000 known spammers out there, here is a updated hourly list of them ........ "IF YOU SEE YOUR NAME NO NEED TO APPLY"


    If you see a spammer on the new members list not to worry, until "Approved" they cannot post on the Forum. If you see a "Forum Posting" from a known spammer feel free to contact one of the moderators to check out the posting.

    Thank you for your patience,

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