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Thread: Looking for a high out put hho

  1. Default 316L Stainless Plates

    What size plates and what hole config would you be looking for?

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    hydroxmobile Guest

    Default Hydrox Mobile X-Cell

    Hydrox Mobile HHo generators produce more gas at lower amps with 2 years product warranty and USD1million product liability insurance. Please find out more at www.hydroxmobile.com

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    EddieRock Guest

    Default HHO Supplier

    You should be able to get any HHO part you need from here

    He uses only the best products available and they are high quality.

    Bob Know his stuff. I ordered a kit from him and I'm REALLY happy with it.

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    I have some dry cell hydrogen generators available. I've been perfecting this design for years. Any comments would be appreciated. www.bruteforcehho.com

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    We can provide various types of HHO system

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    You forgot to mention that it's a wet cell design that's not only extremely inefficient, the plastic screw-on lids will leak like crazy once the electrolyte overheats from all of the volt leakage.
    Good for playing with if you want to make a few bubbles to blow up.
    Also, there's no mention of the need for EFIE's, MAF/MAP enhancers,CCPWM's, etc..
    And you sure as hell don't hook it up to any vacuum source!
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    1998 Explorer 4x4, 4.0
    14 cell / 2 stack 6x9" drycell reactor 28%KOH dual EFIE, MAF enhancer, IAT & ECT controllers, 2.4 LPM @ 30 amps. 6.35 MMW http://reduceyourfuelbill.com.au/forum/index.php

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    Quote Originally Posted by hhoconnection View Post
    I sell the EBN 6" x 6" dry cells. They are capable of up to 3 lpm at 40 amps. They run well at 20 amps and put out about 1.5 lpm. You will need a small reservoir for the water in addition to the generator. The assembled cells go for $350 and un-assembled they are $299. Dry cells are the way to go. They are safer, and more efficient. These are the actual EBN cells made by EBN, not a copy. All of their profit goes back into R&D so you are helping to support their cause as well. Here is a link to my checkout page:


    There are a lot of videos on YouTube about the EBN dry cells if you are not familiar with them.
    can this be put in a car? does it work to increase mileage? any chance to explode? is it dangerous? can it be used in below freezing?

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    1. Yes
    2. yes
    3. a very remote one
    4. if mis-handled
    5. yes.

  9. Default The Best HHO Kits

    Hi there,

    I have been researching and working with HHO technologies and have made several deals with lots of different companies.

    The one I recommend as the best by far was a company called HHO kits direct. They offered the best prices without a doubt and have massive sale cuts on everything.

    Here is a link to their website:


    They do 3 different types of products: a small generator, a medium and a large and are all the best prices anywhere for what they give!

    They offered me the best prices anywhere on the web and I have bought lots of generators for friends and other people from their website.

    Hope that helps,


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