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Thread: Feedback on eBay PWM

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    Also, I want people to know size DOESNT matter with HHO cells. I have tested 4", 6" dry cells, and small/large wet cells, and have came to the conclusion that size really doesnt matter

    I am curious about your theory on size. Doesn't the size of the plates determine the amount of amps allowed to operated the cell with out excess heat and steam? Isn't the square inches of surface area related to the amount of gas produced? So your saying the bigger cells consume more amps but don't produce any more gas than a smaller one?

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    Here is an update on my experience with Hydrogen Fuel systems.

    Bill Corless agreed to refund my money but wanted to deduct 17% for Ebay commisions and PayPal fees. The problem is that I did not buy it off Ebay and PayPal only charges 2.9%.

    After calling him out on his attempt to defraud me he then wanted to charge me the 2.9% PayPal fee.

    After what I have gone through dealing with him I was firm that I wanted a full refund. He then went back on his agreement and decided to refuse the refund. Claiming I damaged the unit.

    Keep in mind my cell pulls max 12 amps and the PCU-3 claims to be a 50 amp unit. Do the math.

    So as it sits now I still do not have my refund or a functioning PWM for my HHO system.

    I am posting this so you as potential consumers can read my experiences and decide for yourself if this is a business you want to deal with or not.

    I have kept all of our email exchanges to document this whole experience. They are available to anyone that wants to review them.
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  3. Default Brent is Unreasonable

    It is our policy not to refund the purchase price, but to offer either a store credit, or repair or replace any items that are defective at no cost.
    I offered to refund Brent only to find that he had damaged the PWM by drilling holes into it and burnt out the board. This is user damage. I replaced the board with a brand new 12-24v unit and offered to send it to him for free. He refused, saying that if I sent it to him, he'd send it back.
    Since I cannot resell his damaged merchandise, I am not able to give him a refund. If he had not damaged the item, I would have refunded him. When I told him that, he attempted to extort the money from me by threatening to post negative info on this forum, and to make complaints at various agencies such as the attorney generals office and the better business bureau. I called his bluff.
    I don't think the HHO forums is a proper place to discuss this matter, but I felt I needed to set the record straight. We stand behind our products 100%, and will repair it for free even if the user damages it. Brent needs to be more reasonable.
    Hydrogen Fuel Systems

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    As a business owner you really should learn a little about consumer law. You obviously don't have a clue what slander is even after I explained it to you. I have posted my experiences with you and it can all be verified by our email exchanges. It's up to the readers to interpret my experiences any way they want.

    You may want to spend a few bucks and consult an attorney so you can learn what slander or defamation is. News media outlets routinely run stories about consumer experiences with companies.

    The four small holes are to mount the unit. Do you suggest not mounting it and just letting it bounce around under the hood? The 8-32 holes in the plastic enclosure have nothing to do with the unit not working.

    Your 50 amp PWM did not work on my 12 amp system with a 30 amp fuse. Please explain how that would burn it out? Once again you refuse to address why I would want yet another one of your units when the first two I tried did not work? And it took you a month to replace it?

    I do not want to have any further business with you or your products. An ethical business owner would refund a customer's money if the customer is not happy. Instead you keep trying to push your products on me that in my experience do not work.

    And yes, these experiences very much belong on a forum. People want to know which companies have good products and stand behind them and which ones don't.

    Right now you have my money and refuse to refund it. What you interpret as threats are me exercising my rights as a consumer to seek remedies with private and public consumer protection entities. I will continue to exhaust all legal resources to rectify my situation. Just as you or anyone else would do in a similar circumstance. I am just getting started.

    You can stop all of this right now. If you truly do stand behind your products then you should refund a customer that had two of your units in a row fail. A reputation takes a lifetime to build and a only a few seconds to destroy.

    UPDATE: I sent the unit back to Bill to get the refund he told me I would get. He now has the unit and my money. I don't even have the option to send the unit out to another business for repair. This situation is moving from a civil dispute to criminal. If he is not going to refund my money then he has a legal obligation to at least send the unit I purchased back to the owner.
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  5. Default PWM's

    We've been in the PWM market for over 2 years now. We have gone through many design changes as some of you know, and the PCU-3 has been the backbone of our company. We've literally sold thousands of units now. We've had some problems over the years, but those problems have shown us how to improve the product. Brent Finnigan has been the exception when it comes to problems. He says he only was running 10 amps or something yet he burned out the traces on our unit twice. The first time on the negative side, which we repaired and sent it back to him, at no charge. The second time the trace on the positive side was burned out. At this point we decided to upgrade him to the new PCU-4 12-24 volt model that can handle a wider range of power. I felt this would be more than adequate solution for Mr. Finnigan. We purchase our inventory with the money from our orders, and our money is tied up in parts. That is why we cannot refund products, but offer repairs or replacements. He refused our new upgrade offer so he has given us no real options. The unit he sent back cannot be resold as new, so we cannot give him his money back. We are a small company, and for Brent to play hardball and demand this and that, normally we try to serve our customers, but we told him our policy and he threatens us with consumer complaints, to the BBB etc. Maybe most businesses he does business with cave in under that kind of pressure, but for me, its the principle of the thing. If you try to threaten me or my business with negative comments on public forums or with complaints to the BBB or the state attorney generals office, you are attacking our business, and we wont negotiate with someone who is attacking us. You don't win any brownie points when you are doing that. Personally I am offended by his tactics and I'm sure if some of you found yourself to be the recipient of threats, you probably wouldn't want to work with him either.

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    link to your shop is broke! but sounds like an ideal unit for what i'm after amp rang from 0 to 30?

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    The forum members here now have some insight as to how you conduct business and work with customers when there is a problem. They will be able to make a better informed decision as to who they will deal with when it comes to purchasing HHO related products.

    I don't need any brownie points but you as a business need all you can get. I have nothing to lose but you have everything to lose by keeping your customer's money after telling them you were going to refund it. That will not serve you or any business well.

    If you are going to cut of your nose just to spite your face then you have gained nothing. That has never been considered a sound and profitable business practice.

    Another manufacturer has already read my experiences here and has made me a very fair offer. He will get my money and most likely end up with someone who will actively promote his product not only here but on other forums. A person who will promote it to his several friends who will be either building or buying an HHO cell system. They are watching to see how well mine does before jumping in on their own system. I will be the person they come to find out which products to buy.

    My FaceBook page has a lot of questions from a lot of people about the pics and videos I have posted about my system in progress. I invite you to see it for yourself. I invite you to ask each one which business they will be purchasing their components from.

    That will be a lot of potential lost profit for you. Far more then the $85 you refuse to refund me. Far more then what you will get by fixing my unit you still have and selling it again to someone else as a refurb.

    That's a sad commentary on who you are, to treat a customer who chose you first to buy your product. I hope it was worth it for you.

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    If you do refund my money I will post that here also. You have my word on that. Otherwise I have gone on record with my experiences here and anything more would just be going in circles. This matter will be turned over to a collection agency Mon AM.

    Update: A business registry search on Hydrogen Fuel Systems indicates the business is not in good standing.

    See for yourself.

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    Default Bad customer service

    This is Dan, the owner of Hydrogen Boost Now.com.
    After reading this thread, I thought I would point out some things about the PWM's on Ebay.
    First off..A lot of the PWM's on ebay are junk, just cheap china boards with small cheap mosfets sold at a cheap price.

    Lets look at some of the PWM's on Ebay....

    The new P-O-S is the OGO China PWM.. This comes in a nice box but the PWM is a minimum spec PWM with no real features....Cheap Sh!!

    2) Then there are the Max line of PWM's:
    The 066 - 067 - 068
    These are made in Taiwan not China and are a little better than the China PWM.
    The 067...is a strong PWM with a reinforced board and 2 spaid connectors for each power wire. These have proven to work just fine and can run up to 35 amps with a fan.....This is the one by Bactronics but please do not buy from him... he is a A** h*** and will charge like $10 for shipping, no box and no fan.

    The Max 068 has 6 mosfets and is quite strong and can do a real 50-55 amps with a fan.
    The Max 066 is the cheap one and can run at 22 amps.

    Zerro fossil fuel has been working on a board for about 2 years and has let others copy his board and sell it.. This is the PIC above this post.

    Please beware....

    The Zero Fossil fuels PWM does not use True Pulse Width Modification.
    This PWM, when in current limiting mode, switches to anolog and will waste all of the power not being used by the cell and the PWM will get very hot.
    Too bad so many people have used this design. It is only good for small loads.

    There are 1 or 2 new PWM's on ebay. One looks like another Zero Clone but is very well built in a nice small box.We will buy one to test to see if the PWM is working correctly.
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    Ill do some testing with your PWM. I may not have a ton of posts on this sight, but know pretty much everyone on the forum and do allot of building and cell testing just about every weekend. Let me know I check in at lease once a day on this forum.

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