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Thread: Positive News Reports

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    WOW, No one is more scientific that the people at the local news! Great links, this should still be "sticky", it's so nice that i have never seen a moderator post on this forum, they are really keeping up with things! (who ever they are)
    I=V/R so R=V/I and V=I*R
    (I=Amps, V=volts, P= power in watts, R=resistance in ohms)

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    Hi Guys,

    I came across this amazing YouTube clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7fm_...layer_embedded) and just had to post the link. I now understand how HHO really works.

    Their website www.fuelforce.co.za is even more amazing, it is long overdue that we get to this level of professionalism!


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    Quote Originally Posted by volomike View Post
    I thought I'd start a thread that perhaps could be picked up by the moderators and converted into a sticky at the top of a forum somewhere.

    Here's a recent news report that covers HHO.

    A Greenville, South Carolina NBC News Team experimented with HHO and found great results in their first try.

    After watching this report.....maybe just 10% increase??, when they advertice 100%....it sounds like joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by HydroCombustion View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I came across this amazing YouTube clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7fm_...layer_embedded) and just had to post the link. I now understand how HHO really works.

    Their website www.fuelforce.co.za is even more amazing, it is long overdue that we get to this level of professionalism!

    50-70c? ...hahahahaa..yes,it is amazing...

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    yes you will have t deal with the ecm.

    You cant have everything setup to run on gas still. A lot has to be changed.

    Just as you would change things on a diesel, bio-diesel and so on.

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    hey all i am new to the site and wanted to share my experiences with you .
    i have built 5 different hho generators and am having great results with my latest one
    i have it mounted in the bed of my chevy 2500 hd truck and am testing this one now
    its former version number 4 was in my truck and i was getting about a 10% savings in fuel usage
    it was a 12 plate version drawing about 25 amps the new version is 43 plates 7 groups with 5 neutral plates 4 groups positive and 3 negative drawing around 30 amps and making much more than the previous version
    cant wait to run a few tanks of fuel through the truck and figure out what i am saving now
    i also want to add a high voltage coil to this system and a pwm (i had one but blew it up )
    i also want to add a chip to the computer to enhance the injection system
    if anyone has had any experience with the enhancement chips or wiring a high voltage coil i would love some of your ideas
    and i will be happy to share my designs
    so far the one i am running is a wet cell with flat plate stainless cells i am considering building a myer's set up next
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    Hey - I purchased a Volo HHO edition chip off volo.com. So far I'm happy with the results of it and I can feel the power difference. I have more testing to do with it to see exactly what percent gain it actually is, but I have not yet had a check engine light come on and everything has been running smoothly so far. I'm running at 10-12 amps with a 21 plate dry cell on a 4.6L V8 (gasoline). I also run an exhaust temp gauge and I've dropped 50-100 degrees at all speeds, this is what is suppose to happen.

    I think alot of the gains with these are on how you get them set and I have some theories and ideas on how to configure it. The instructions that come with the device tell you to hit the reset button on it once the vehicle is warmed up and the computer is in closed loop status. (so basically after 2-12 minutes, I wait until its fully warmed up to make sure) -I've also heard that another method of resetting this is when the vehicle is cold, so leave it for at least 3 hours, turn the key ahead, reset the chip then startup the vehicle and drive it for a bit.

    My theories and ideas:
    Unplugging your battery for 1-2 hours will reset your cars computer so it's factory set and has no data. This is a good step to do when adding an HHO cell to your vehicle so the computer can adjust to the change of the cell being added.

    The Volo chip HHO edition wires right behind into your ODB II diagnostic port and is permanent. On my install I fused the red wire (hot) so I can disable the Volo chip if needed. With HHO on demand systems (Without a chip, MAF/map enhancer, EFIE) you hear of people saying that they have an excellent tank or two and then their mileage goes right back to what they had before. I have a theory that if you can start out the vehicle without the chip enabled and give it 50 to 250 miles and you have a "good tank" to then enable the chip, reset it and take it from there. My theory is without the chip the engine already starts to lean out the fuel mixture, then adding the chip "should" lean it further.

    I think it really depends on the vehicle and really you need to just try every which way until you get the computer "tricked" correctly and to get it to stay that way. I don't believe huge gains are really possible with the Volo chip, I'm guessing 10-30% max, I believe it manipulates your stock map (cars computer) within a safe range.

    If you want huge gains are are willing to take the risk get a map/maf enhancer and EFIE and wire it in. An exhaust temp gauge is a must and slowly lean out the fuel mixture until you find your best setting. My only fear with this is that the computer could lean mixture to fast and you'd burn right through a piston or ring. It could happen very fast and once the temp heats up too high the damage has been done. If you can get your truck to do 40mpg the risk may be worth it :-)

    I hope this helps and good luck to anyone! It can be alot of work.

    Oh and the high voltage coils, I've researched them they look like they really work well, especially for an HHO setup. My next truck I will be purchasing them from bluephoenixignition.com. I want this so bad!
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    a little interessant story for you! http://freenergyhho.weebly.com/

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