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Thread: Positive News Reports

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    airdude Guest

    Default good source link

    for hydrogen things and the politics around it


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    airdude Guest

    Default another good link

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    tbhavsar Guest


    FYI- Just came across this site during my search.


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    dennis13030 Guest

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    Dewayne Guest


    Is this typical?

    I finished my Smacks Friday. My voltmeter only goes up to 10A, so I'm being careful powering up the cell.

    Things change every time I power up the cell. The first time I put in enough KOH where the cell was pulling 8.3A. I let it produce about 3ltr of gas and then turned it off. I powered it up yesterday and it was pulling about 10A. Again I let it produce 1ltr of gas. No more KOH added. I powered up the cell this morning and it was pulling 12A ( hang in there meter.) Again 1 ltr of gas, no KOH added. Powered it up this evening and went through the same steps but now it's pulling over 15A. No more test until I get the ammeter I won on eBay today.

    Fridays test I got about 300mltr/min., It's up to almost 1ltr/min now.

    Anyone know why it is pulling more power every time I power it up?
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    cougar gt-e Guest


    I would guess that you are cleaning off the crud from the plates and exposing more metal to the solution. More area = more amps = more gas.

    I ran a smack like multi plate design and it turned the liquid some cool colors! That got less and less as it ran more.

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    Dewayne Guest


    You could be right about the crud, but the plates were cleaned with acetone and denatured alcohol then rinsed off with distilled water. All the while I was waring latex gloves. The plates were never touched during/after they were cleaned.

    BTW the plates were placed on a clean white rag during the cleaning process.
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    justaguy Guest


    Someone on another forum posted about conditioning your cells before installing. He said to sand both sides of the plates with rough sand paper but here is where your case comes in. He said to let the plates soak in the KOH and distilled water for three days in a container before installing.

    He did a test with conditioned plates and unconditioned plates and said it was a huge difference in production by the conditioned plates.

    I,m thinking your cell may have went through a conditioning is why it went up.

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    The plates will eventually condition themselves, I have heard mixed reviews on the sanding of the plates. I have not tried it yet myself. I always forget to do it...Maybe I need a builders checklist.
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    The Smacks booster instructions talk about scoring and denting the plates too, which is for the purpose of increasing the reacting surface area. It also mentions that fingerprints on the plates are bad too, as they hinder production.
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