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Thread: source for nickel plates

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    There are many nickel types of plate available. While doing research on the nano particle project I ran into the information. Most plates put into the very large industrial electrolizers are Nickel 200. The oil companies use them to make hho. They then seperate the H from the O and somehow use the H for some part of the oil production. They are now finding this process of nano coated nickel 200 plates to not only be effecient but last for years with no maintnance. The question that I can not find the answer for is what the differences in effeciency are between stainless and nickel. This is used mostly by big oil and they do not release effeciency numbers.

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    Up to 14.5 MPG with no enhancers. Still testing the effects of lots of HHO and no electronic enhancers.

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    Default Copper nickel blends

    What about using c71500 a 70/30 blend of copper nickel which is very corrosion resistant. Has any body tried that?

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    I was at a recycling yard yesterday. They use a gun to read the molecular structure adn can tell you the percent metals that make up acertain sheet. They could find platinum, iron, nickel etc then it also read the grade of material and what makes it up. They could tell me the grade of stainless. Found a sheet of iconel. Thinking I should go back and buy the iconel for experimental but I think they wanted like 10.00 lbs for iconel.
    I got 304 stainless for 1.60/lb. They wanted 1.90/ib for 316 but I could not find any 316.

    I also picked up some 1/2" acrylic for 1.50 lbs.

    Also I multiply the sheet dimensions by the density so I can precalculat what the sheet will cost before dragginng it to the scale.

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    Acrylic will eventually crack at your bolt holes. You might want to use a plastic cutting board, or if they have nylon or HDPE at the scrap yard.

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    I decided to give nickel a try I know it is a low content of it but I found some kick plates for doors... I will be doing a test in a couple days of a wet call of it a.d I will let know know what if anythjng comes from it. If it fails I am out four dollars cause it was on clear
    ance at menards.

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    How much are you getting for 4 bucks?

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    It was a kick plate for a door. it measures 8 inches wide and 32 inches long. I would need two to make 1 cell but upon opening the package just now to start drawing out the plates to stat cutting tomorrow I discovered that it is only steel with a nickel plating on one side. So I am not even going to try it. I think for the time being I am stuck paying the $200 for my 316l plates to be cut. If i had a proper shop to tinker in, and the extra money and time I would try alot of differnt materials and see what happens but I don't so I can't.

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    And I presume that the plates ended up turning black upon electrolysis. No cheap way out here.

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