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Thread: source for nickel plates

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    A few years ago I was living off the power grid with some friends and we went to the scrap yard looking for some deep cycle batteries. Ended up getting some huge nicad forklift batteries for free. Turned out we couldn't use them for power but uon disassembleing them discovered that they had stacks of dense perforated nickel coated steel plates all bolted together and spaced just about an 1/8" apart. Plates were about 8"x12"

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    Like these
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    As a side note be careful if you go this route as the negative half of the plates in each battery are the cadmium ones they are a separate assembly from the positive nickel plated steel plates but cadmium is a heavy metal and it must be disposed of properly. Also the electrolyte in these batteries is potassium hydroxyde please be careful.

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    "Sintered nickel-cadmium cells have relatively thin sintered nickel matrices as the plate grid structure. These matrices are highly porous and are impregnated with the active positive (nickel) or negative (cadmium)material in the solution state. The plates are then formed electrochemically, washed and dried. In other variations of the process the active material in the sintered matrix is converted chemically, or thermally, to an active state and then formed."

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    Thermo Scientific Pierce Nickel Coated Plates provide a simple format to bind His-tagged fusion proteins for ELISA and other plate-based assays involving protein interactions of expressed recombinant proteins. These Ni(2+) chelate coated plates are ideal for analyzing polyhistidine tagged fusion proteins by ELISA-based methods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvtowing View Post
    Ah... Gotchya.

    Have you considered electro plating stainless with nickel?
    we did electro plating stainless with nickel , cost too much then pure nickel,
    and nickel plated won't last ,so just go pure nickel

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