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Thread: Oscilloscope Suggestions

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    sgwilliams Guest

    Default Oscilloscope Suggestions

    Been noticing that alot of HHO Builders use an oscilloscope for adjusting frequancy and pulse widths. I'm not very familiar with what range of unit I will need. I'm toying with a dry cell idea and would like to get all my equipment together that I may need to ensure I get the correct configuration for my project. From what I understand too get the correct voltage, amps and frequency with the correct pulse width is very fustrating for some. I would also just like to be able to use it for other projects like a magnetic motor idea that im working on.

    I'm a Product design engineer by trade and design bearings, electrical is a little different than my normal area of design. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have one and believe me when I say you don't need one.

    There is no magic number or frequency that will break apart the water molecule. Anybody that tells you they have it figured out, is lying or doesn't understand what they are doing. The problem is this: the HHO generator starts at room temperature, and as it runs it will climb. This change in temperature will cause the resistance of the electrolyte to change. In order to build an RC resonant circuit you need to have a stable resistance.

    If you wish to use a PWM you are doing so only to limit current to the HHO generator. For this reason you just need a good amp meter to set the duty cycle of the PWM.

    However, if you really do wish to buy an oscilloscope, you can get a good 100Mhz model fairly cheaply on ebay. This will handle most of the PWM's out there. The O-scope I bought is one that goes up to 1Ghz and they cost a bit more.

    You did say you were interested in motors and such, so you wont need one that goes that high. Most stepper motors have something like 200 steps per revolution, so if you want a motor that spins at say 3000 rpm you would want your o-scope to operate at about 600Khz
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    sgwilliams Guest


    Thanks! for the input...I'm still looking but will post when I find the unit I'm looking for.

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    If I'm able to stabilize the electrolyte temp by adjusting the amps via my PWM, (once the booster has reached optimum operating temperatures) Shouldn't I then be able adjust the cells frequency to optimize HHO production?


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    For this kind of work, you're not likely to need a scope that will cover frequencies beyond 1Mhz, and you can find lots of good used scopes with this capability for decent prices. They do work great for troubleshooting audio/video as well.

    As far as HHO production is concerned, pushing pulsed current to the electrodes really won't make much of a difference.

    There are some ways that pulsing will make a difference, but they really have no similarity to electrolysis other than you get HHO.

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