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Thread: Fuel injector signal as controler, some EE help please?

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    Default Stepping stones

    I followed the steps to put picks on here but i still cant get the part to come up that allows me to download. Pop up blocked i think, but i don't have much on the computer anyhow. Its in a camera i keep just for my HHO stuff.
    I cant recall for sure what got my attention with HHO, but ever since its been an obsession, not to mention because i drive as much as i do its a bug that kept me up day and night for months! I started to look at everything i could, all the youtube videos, HHO sites, sales. Anything i could find i studied! Stanley Meyers is the one thing i kept going back to though. I just remembered !!!!!!!!! I was looking at fuel vaporization and found the HHO stuff !
    After maybe two three months of studying HHO, I built a wet cell out of s.s. washers and rod. Like 50 washers that were 2 1/4, and 155 3/4 and nylon lock nuts. I stacked them in a alternating series and had one side pos. one neg. Tricky because they wanted to touch every so often. Had to file and bend and stack them all one way(washers are cut in a press and have a cupping effect)! Then when i was actually doing well with that i went to over 400 washers but that lived about one month. To long, to heavy and didn't work as well, even with koh!
    Then i went to tubes! Current cell is 11 3/4 in long, 2 in wide o.d. Started with koh, and pushed the amps to 50 ish. Found that i don't need ANY electrolytes, one day i was messing around and found that when i used a charger to bump the cell to 50 amps for about 30 sec. then dropped it to 2 amps and left it there, i had more production at 2 amps then if i kept it at 50 amps in Straight tap! Along with some tricks i use to get better mileage i played with my car for about two months when i decided to try running the car with the cell really hot, And cutting back the gas. The o2 wasn't working on cutting enough fuel out so i put a switch in line to the fuel pumps power wire, so as i could just control the pump speed. With a volt meter on both sides of the switch to make sure that was happening, i could turn power to the pump from the 14.3 or so that the car was running at to 0. Most of the time i ran it at 4.55 volts, at times i could just turn it off(the pump), WE drove from Villa Rica, Ga. to Fayetteville, Ga. to Merietta, Ga. and back to Villa Rica,Ga. on one gallon of gas. On the interstate we drove 70 mph, in the city was varied and had to up the pump to 9.7 volts to take off at lights.
    HOW do i know it was one gallon ????????
    I ran my car empty at home, put ONE gallon in the tank, and two more in the trunk. Then ran it till the gallon was gone!
    Ran out 2.5 miles from home. Round trip 129 miles on the trip odometer.
    A few huge problems with that; melted my HHO gen.(the case), and three relays, and two pump switches.
    After making a new case i put the gen on my '97 Suburban for a trip to New York(Long Island). Added a massive tank setup, but didn't get to use it on the way there. I was running late so had to build it on the way. Finished it there on Long Island and used it on the trip home. I suppose if i weren't running between 85 and 105 to get to court in Virgina, i may have seen even better results than i did, but it absolutely worked on the way back!
    Some guy on the Interstate in South Carolina was breaking his neck to take pictures of my setup on the front bumper. The whole thing less electronics was there.
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    Default Long Island mpg ?

    Cant give you a exact number in mileage. But we put in 3 tank fulls to get to Long Island and around for a couple of days. Not much driving while there. And the trip back only took 2 tanks. I had planned on a solid test with matching speeds and mileage, but time wise messed that up. We drove there at 70-75 mph, which got me 13.3 mpg. We drove back at 85-105 mph(i can prove this by another speeding ticket in Virgina), and yet we got 13.7 mpg. Not much you say and i know, but the faster you go the MORE fuel you use! Period.
    I can only imagine what the difference would have been if we could have driven it the same both ways!
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    your going about this the right way by controlling pump voltage and thus fuel pressure. The computer cannot fight this. A pwm is perfect for this.
    What are you using to control voltage?
    I am doing some experiments using a pwm connected to the fuel pump but there is even a better way. More on that later.

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    So you have 2 different cars you are testing.

    What car was the 127 mpg car? What kind of vehicle are you controlling the fuel pump on?
    How hot do you think your cell was getting, and how much water did you use on that trip?
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    Default Multipule cars

    My primary car is a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 automatic, but for our trip to New York, i took off my gen and electronics to put on my 1997 Chevy Suburban 4x4. Since the Cavalier is being taken by our oldest, I'm returning it to factory. I'll be driving my 1989 Ford Taurus SHO for a while, so I may put the setup on it! Don't know yet. One of my customers has donated his 1992 Toyota Corolla to the cause since he has seen what I'm doing, not to mention his wife wrecked the car and he had to buy another at that time. I had just replaced the engine prior to the wreck, the damage wasn't terrible. Nonetheless, my plans for the Corolla is to eliminate gas as a fuel at all.
    If your wondering, I'm a mechanic and have nearly 30 cars. Some in which I've owned for 13 yrs. From a 1957 F-100 to 2002 Mustang. Breed makes no difference but i do have a few Fords.
    The cell, not sure what the temp was but it melted the 4 inch PVC pipe that was reinforced, enough that the threads came loose and leaked out the top. It was bowed in the center. At one point just before that a washer had apparently came in contact with another and the water had to have been low, because it detonated and left a dent in my hood. It wasn't a backfire because i heard it when it happened as i was driving on smooth interstate. During that trip i used about 2 gallons of water, in 730 miles, but most of it was from leaks.
    The Cavalier is what i got 129 miles to that gallon, out of. I had already been getting 41.3-47.7 m.p.g. on my HHO setup regularly, and knew i could do something to beat that. So i started playing with an efie and my map sensor. I got really ****ty mileage out it for awhile. Then got around 37.7 average for a couple of trips. Took the efie off and left my map alone. Went back up on mpg. So i knew i needed to cut back on gas, but leave the computer alone. I made a dimmer for my fuel pump! Added digital voltage meters, amp gauge, and a relay with a high amp flasher(got it at a truck stop). For 1 1/4 gallons of water i used 1 teaspoon baking soda. I was running near 50 amps. AND I BURNED IT UP !!
    After that i put a new gen together with a new idea. I run the tube 1.5 mm apart, on distilled water, no electrolyte, and I'm getting 39.1 mpg (as last used). I have some electronics I'm toying with and think i can beat what i have. But can't really give you more until i have more.
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    I run the tube 1.5 mm apart, on distilled water, no electrolyte, and I'm getting 39.1 mpg (as last used).
    James, can you describe in detail what kind of reactor you are using. Pictures would be better though.
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    Here's my line up. But i have to take my gen apart to photo it.
    The Suburb we took to New York, hasn't been driving since about Aug. '10 tranny took a dive while offroading.
    The Toyota that's the donor.
    And the only thing under the hood of the Cavalier right now is a solenoid a tee and a one way valve. The rest is piled up waiting for me to install it in something else.
    My reactor is 316 food grade stainless. 2 inch outside tube 10 1/2 long, 1 5/8 inside tube 11 3/4 long, nuts welded to one end for the rods, and some self stick desktop foot pads as the spacers(from Walmart). The inside tube was cut and expanded slightly, to reduce my gap. Its not a full seam weld just several spots but its clean and serves the purpose.
    Attached Images
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    Its done right or its not done !
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    I do not really need pictures of the reactor but would like a detail explanation of the how it is built. Tubs, plates, wire, type of electrolyte, and type of water like well or city or distilled etc. One more question I have is what was the weather like on the day (s) you got the high mileage. I am interested mainly in the climate/air at the time. Was it dry weather or humid?
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb."

    ONE Liter per minute per 10 amps which just isn't possible Ha Ha .

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    do you have a tds meter?

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    No I do not. If I remember I could not find one that would read in the range I needed but I could be confusing with something else.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb."

    ONE Liter per minute per 10 amps which just isn't possible Ha Ha .

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