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Thread: Non-Corrosive Electrolyte?

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    Gee I guess I got you heart rate up. That was not my intention. I thought that would have ended things but I see I am forced to make another post. You are right about one thing I did not see your post about the guarantee or would have made some comment on that too. You need to compare the unlimited 30/60 day guarantee with the return policy. I suspect if I returned an empty bottle saying it dose not work as specified I would have a problem in getting my money back and maybe rightfully so. I am not interested period in any products being offered. Has nothing to do with if they work or not either. I just am not interested but have followed this saga from the first full page adds in New Week many years ago and some of the legal problems along the way. It has been a very interesting story to follow.

    I am even more amused that the flying cows upset you so much.

    You blew it as far as I am concerned by posting a nude avatar in a forum like this and showed your real colors. I suspect if D.O.G. had not said what he did you would have left it there until you got banned but what do I Know being the moron. LOL

    I think 30 days is enough time to evaluate most products/services. 60 days to run a hwy test on the catalyst crackers is plenty when it only takes about two hours. Are you the type who goes to home depo and buys a lawnmower for the summer and returns it in October? I bet you buy weed killer and then fill it back up with water. Maybe put some koh and vinegar in there.

    You don't like women? I guess you prefer cows... my blood pressue is a little high but I'll be ok 130/85, but yes I should cut down on salt. Oh speaking of health you want a cure for cancer? www.cellpowerusa.com and www.healthforce.com I had a skin cancer melanoma mole removed May 3, did a ct/pet scan on friday and it hasn't spread! Cancer can't live in a alkaline body and cell power balances your ph. I'm sure you knew that though.

    I emailed Jeff today for the formula or a video of comparison with a flow meter koh vs nce... coming soon! Then we can see if faraday was indeed correct or still had a question regarding the idea of the granular consistence of current.

    Send me an email I'll keep you posted. [email protected]

  2. Arrow Testing new cell and generator... looking for good test procedure.

    Does anyone have a good test procedure they can share?

    Testing a new cell/electrolyte combination that will be installed in a vehicle this week. Results so far are pretty good. Was wondering if anyone has a standard test/data log that they can recommend. It would be nice to challenge this new setup and document it correctly. Planning on a week of bench tests with different electrolyte strengths and then a week of baseline car tests and then week of installed tests.

    Any suggestions for a good reasonable test procedure would be very welcome.

    You can email me via my profile. I will try to follow this thread while I am traveling.

    Thank you.

    You know when your on to a real energy breakthrough, when former Key Intelligence People are put on your Board or Directors, or your killed, (or both).

  3. Default Potasium Carbonate as electrolyte

    I want to throw a spanner in the works( so to speak!) I have been experimenting and testing various cells as a hobby( I am retired) and of late has come across a very nice cell( built by Hans Peter Grote - from Cape Town, South Africa) He uses stainless steel end plates, laser cut gaskets, instead of rubber O rings and potassium carbonate as an electrolyte. The electrolyte is not harsh on the steel plates or on the touch and has been giving very good results without foaming as KOH sometimes do. He also uses is a 12v pump instead of relying on the gravity for the electrolyte to be pumped into the cells. I am no scientist or chemist but this system is by far the best dry cell unit I have come across! Best results is 3 l/min at 30A with a 46 plate system for a 10 l truck. I have a fan on the unit but it has never got hot!:

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