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Thread: I did it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akito View Post
    Also looking into different metals there has to be something else other then this. Its all too simple.
    You will search and find that this has been covered here several times in the past. You might want to also search for "passivation", and "plate preparation" as most of the more advanced builders here do not simply clean their plates and install expecting magic to happen. To date, 316L is still the most resilient and affordable material available for most folks. This holds especially true when following proper plate preparation techniques. The most common misconception is that the plates are the most resistive part of a reactor. The reality is the water is still the most resistive part of a reactor.

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    Volts are a lot better than Amps. When it comes down to it devices will only use the amps it needs. So if you have a device that requires 5 amps but your supply is putting out 15 your device will only use that 5 amps not the whole 15. Voltage on the other hand will fry it. If it requires 12 volts and you put 18 to it say bye bye. Volts is the way to go you just need to manage the heat.

    I favor the Stanley Meyer tubes for this reason. There's a easier way to manage the heat. And making high voltage from a 12 volt 20+ amp system is a cake walk. The dielectric strength of water is around 20,000 volts. This is why Stanley didn't need an additive. Find the right frequency is all that would remain. But keeping that frequency is hard as it changes all the time with the amount of water that changes.

    This technology needs to be for replacing gas not making better mpg for it. I'm not interested in saving a few bucks at the pump. I'm interested in replacing gas completely. I've looked into many designs and I just seeing everyone repeating the same design instead of something new. I'm currently working on new designs and will post when I setup my new lab in the garage at my new house. Also thinking about making a new website and building a research team to try new methods.
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    i was thinking. if you were worried about air bubbles why not use a pump to circulate the water and help push the bubbles up?

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    Hey folks! HHOFreak here under a new name! I am back! And,.. I have updates as I have been working on my project for the past few years.. OMG do I have updates for you! Is this forum still active? I don't have the test car from back then, I have moved on to a new one for mechanical differences.

    Say hello and I'll begin posting Get your pad and pencils ready as this is going to be a long next post

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    hello, please post... i need a good cell design for what im working on.

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