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Thread: I did it!

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    I got a single cylinder engine running completely on HHO with full throttle regulation.

    PLATES ARE WRONG! I mean, they do work, but the amount of energy consumed is retarded! Your trying to create an electro magnetic field, NOT HEAT!

    I made a stainless steel wire mesh that consumes less then 50% of my original plate design power and yet produces 20% more over all gas! Not to mention you can buy this at a tracker supply store! They always have this in stock! My Electrode costs $20 per cylinder to make (just the electrode part)

    Use wire, do the math.. and make sure it is the right gauge wire. And just for the record I DO NOT USE 12 volts, more like 50,000. How is this done? Use an after market high performance ignition system. You can dial it like a PWM and it instantly connects to an engine. and becuase it pulses, not on all the time it allows cooling timing between cycles.

    I'm adding a cooling system next. I Found a liquid cooling system for computers that looks promising.

    I'm also developing the remaining 3 electrodes for the three remaining cylinders for my 4 cylinder car. I may remove the AC unit and place an extra alternator to slit the load and have less tension on the engine well see. They do this all the time for audio applications.

    I'm freakin' ecstatic! Good time of the year for this too! Winter just getting over!

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    Hey go to Northern Tool and stick a solar panel on your cab to power your generator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHOJeeper View Post
    Hey go to Northern Tool and stick a solar panel on your cab to power your generator.
    ^ What in the F?

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    I'd love to see more info on your set-up. Diagrams & pics maybe.

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    Congrats HHOFreak!!!, Is it based in the original Meyer´s design (concept)? is the frequency variable?.... lots of questions come to my mind....
    I guess at this moment you must be very focused on your new discovery but please don´t forget to share some pics.

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    I wondered, with my limited science knowledge, if voltage was more of a factor than current.

    Using a coil is interesting, but when your solution gets lower, current (amps) will increase and that will fry the coil. You'll have to keep a close eye or a large reservoir on the generator to prevent this. Current limiting devices would be prudent as well. Coils are not designed for high current.
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    HHOFreak, please update us!

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    You think Big oil took him out?

    Let that be a lesson to you. Post some details photo ... then they cant stop the technology.
    When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius.
    When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."

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    So has anyone else done this yet. as in run a lil 1 cylinder engine off the hho?

    I can see how the increased voltage would work. higher voltage forcing the electrons through the plates and electrolyte easier.

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    So, was this guy for real or what? Makes some sense using ignition system but?????

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