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Thread: I did it!

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    I'm not convinced that ultra high voltage can really succeed to pass through SS screen mesh, but SS screen mesh could be a killer ticket as an alternative material in place of neutral plates. If there is a benefit with SS screen, enhanced surface area as a neutral plate entity may be what is at work. Higher voltage to pass through an electrolyte containing a body of SS mesh may be a natural part of the deal, though.
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    Any updates on this? Which performance ignition system are you referring too? MSD, Accel? There are a few out there.

    Which part are you talking about or are you referring to all of them?
    Ignition box or all 3?

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    Well, I think someone needs to try and replicate this. Hell, I might try and do this. Otherwise, I kinda feel this is B.S. from someone just passing by.

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    I have a aquatint who uses High voltage pulsed to split water. He believes it produces HHO that stays in mono atomic state longer than normal. He is a super smart guy and if he says he is doing it, I take his word.
    As some as i have a free day I will try to learn the why's and how's of what he is doing. If he is willing to share it.
    When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius.
    When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."

  5. Default Anybody seen this Guy or had contact

    Anybody seen this Guy or had contact


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    From what was described, it sounds a little like some of the new battery plate material. Just think of a green scubbing pad only of metal. There has been technology around for a few years to do this process, but not main stream yet.
    From what I remember, you end up with like 800 percent increased surface area, but depending on the application the material could be a little thin in areas.
    For electro magnet purpose and setup it could be good, but with a high voltage setup, unless you had a way to purge out all of the air traps, you could have a spark jump situation. If in a bath setup, you might not notice except if you turn out the lights you might see small white of blue explosions very similure to caviation in a hydraulics system.

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    Cool Maybe a good idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by HHOFreak View Post

    I got a single cylinder engine running completely on HHO with full throttle regulation.

    PLATES ARE WRONG! I mean, they do work, but the amount of energy consumed is retarded! Your trying to create an electro magnetic field, NOT HEAT!

    I made a stainless steel wire mesh that consumes less then 50% of my original plate design power and yet produces 20% more over all gas! Not to mention you can buy this at a tracker supply store! They always have this in stock! My Electrode costs $20 per cylinder to make (just the electrode part)

    Use wire, do the math.. and make sure it is the right gauge wire. And just for the record I DO NOT USE 12 volts, more like 50,000. How is this done? Use an after market high performance ignition system. You can dial it like a PWM and it instantly connects to an engine. and becuase it pulses, not on all the time it allows cooling timing between cycles.

    I'm adding a cooling system next. I Found a liquid cooling system for computers that looks promising.

    I'm also developing the remaining 3 electrodes for the three remaining cylinders for my 4 cylinder car. I may remove the AC unit and place an extra alternator to slit the load and have less tension on the engine well see. They do this all the time for audio applications.

    I'm freakin' ecstatic! Good time of the year for this too! Winter just getting over!
    I been wondering. This guy has only one post and this was it. His concept is solid for ignition boxes regardless of who makes it works the same. Just the values vary from model to model. I am normally on the fuel-saver forum and just found this one a few weeks ago. To make this work on a car to make it pulse would be to run duel coils. this can be done easily. the spark box I call it takes 12v in and sends out up to 500v. the coil is going to give about 42k for a stock coil. I am looking at something like this, but this type of application. It could be done, but spark boxes are not cheap. the varing pulse he is talking about is the rev limiter. which is a good idea for the engine. Just the addition of a spark box would give the average engine an increase of 1-4 mpgs and up to a 15% increase in hp, plus it burns all the fuel in the cylinders and lowers emmissions. Big car guys won't tell you this but the gearjammers who race will. They all use them. But it is all at a low amperage. This might be worth a look in to. But these boxes are not cheap. The msd street fire model at Autozone is approx $150 and go up from there. Look to ebay for them and if they work go for price and for this to power a cell rev limiter not needed. That is my two cents.

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    I always hate when someone posts great ideas like this and then never appear again..
    great conceps and something for all of us to think about..

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    It sounds bogus to me. One post, vague description, no pics, and no follow up.
    Wouldn't that high of amperage arc?
    I don't think just using a coil would work, they need a break to fire. MSD ignition boxes run about $300+, so I'm sure he didn't use one of those since real PWM can be bought way cheaper.

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    hhofreak has inspired me

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