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    Default Welcome Bob.

    I am one of those who come from the anti over-unity camp. I'm just warning you ahead of time.

    But, I know HHO works and can be applied beneficially. So have at it . . . join the effort and we hope you enjoy the process as much as we do.

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    Thanks but I wouldnt say I came over from the anti over unity camp as I never had a definite position on the debate.

    When I read the pdf on converting your car to run on water I knew the theory was sound but the practical application seemed a real stretch.

    Like I said it wasnt till I read that massive thread I gave it a second thought.

    I've always known that hydrogen was an ideal fuel for the internal combustion engine (I did several years at college doing an engineering degree but circumstances put an end to it a year from the end but I do have good theoretical grounding to÷) so the idea of feeding Browns into the intake to be aburnt with the regular fuel/air mix wasnt anything that didnt make senseg

    In fact I remember running an old Escort diesel van that I injected with butane much like you would nitrous on a petrol.With a little experimenting with pressure and volume the effect on both power and fuel consumption was eye opening.

    The whole notion of alternative fuel or a mix of fuels is nothing unusual at all to me.

    When it came to hydrogen it always seemed a cruel irony that an ideal fuel,theoretically and potentially better than petrol was,i'd always heard and read incredibly expensive in energy terms to produce from water and I'd always imagined that it would need to be compressed and stored as a liquid under pressure in the cars tank.

    That thread started as an interesting read but the more that fella told his experiences the more it thought about it objectively and contrary to what the ÷nline science geeks and anti free energy lobby held up as science fact to shoot him down I seriously couldnt/cant find any good reason why it wouldnt work.

    You don't need to convince me of the potential,i wouldnt be here otherwise.Nnw I just have to plan out exactly the type of system i'm going to use ??

    The one thing I would say is I've not had my 02 Toyota Avensis for even a month.It's immaculate inside and out,has under 60,000 on the clock and looks,runs and drives like a 3 year old motor not 10.

    I am loathe to use it as an experimental vehicle.Am gonna look for either a Vectra (Vauxhall/Opel/GM) cos I know those engines better than i know myself and rate them high or a Ford Sierra Sapphire with a 2000 pinto engine,great car n gutsy on fuel !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post

    But, I know HHO works and can be applied beneficially. So have at it . . . join the effort and we hope you enjoy the process as much as we do.
    That is more why I want to do this than the obvious benefits it could bring.

    The challenge,the learning process,the fact it's s÷mething I made from scratch as opposed to bought and fitted on.

    But thats what it's always enjoyed about modifying cars my own way and still is.

    I remember raking around the scrapyard and stumbling on an MG Maestro so I ripped the twin Dellorto 40 DHCAs off,paid a fiver for them and set about trying to graft them on my XR2.

    Had to cut,graft and weld up a one off manifold to fit them and it was a nightmare getting the jetting right but once on along with the Janspeed 4~2~1 manifold and system the thing was transformed.

    The satisfaction I got from that one off mod was great and thats the sort of pleasure i'll get from this process,learning just what to do and what not to and refining and improving it.

    Any insights I may glean I'll happily pass on to others !!

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