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Thread: Home-made or full kit on a bike?

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    As you will notice over time I'm totally new to this HHO stuff and I will be boring to some but he who dares wins!
    I was wondering about installing a HHO system on my bike, a Suzuki DR800 from 1992 as a test run and if the results show positive I would surely install it in my car.
    So, first question is: Can it be installed on a bike?
    I've read about HHO generators but nobody says anything about motorcycles!
    And many sites on the web seem like a scam to me!
    Now, the second question is: Should I buy a complete kit (if I find one for my bike) or should I try to build one on my own?
    Again, many sites seamed like a scam but I've found one that is offering some free courses and plans and are not selling anything so I was thinking to give it a try ( here's the link http://hhomaster.com/hho_generators.html )

    I need your help on this! I'm not a mechanic but I have some tech knowledge so I think I would be able to build one on my own but if it's better to buy a fabricated kit I would be willing to spend some extra $ on that!


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    YES, you can installed them on motorcyucle. I hbave a system onboard my 2007 Ultra Classic Harley and hald a dozen others in my area. The chanllenge is making it compact and not take away from the bike especially on something with lots of chorme. I don't think you will find a company out there that will have one for a bike. I have not advertise my system, but I have one.
    PM me where you think you will be installing the system and maybe I can share with you how to build one. Be prepared to hang on to your bike, because it will give you soo much throttle response and accelleration. You will experience about 15% increase in power and tq. All of that for as little as 8 amps.

    Oh yeah, the system being sold on the sire you provided is an old design and a bomb "wet cell". and big.

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    I think it's says dry cell but never mind.
    I did some research and I'm thinking of buying one rather than building it myself (don't want to mess something up ).
    So, any suggestions on which brand to buy?
    Have anyone tried using a kit on a fuel injected bike?
    Is there EFIEs for bikes out there?

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    I saw only one other kit that built for a bike, it was bulky. I really can't say that no one is building them for bikes I built mine just experiment since it is an ICE and keeping it cool is the key. Running HHO will keep it cool. Asfar, as the EFIE I did some research which one that will do the job and worked with Mike at fuel saver, Hence I used one of his digital quad narrow band that handles 4 O2.

    The entire system for a bike will require you to do some research and experiment. I've installed my set up on 20 Harleys ranging from 1993 carborated to the newest is 2007 fuel injected with O2 96 engine.

    You can also, use the after market ECU like Thunder Max and Power commanders to set the AFR .

    My bike is running the stock ECU, I am able to modify the AFR with the EFIE signal voltage.

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