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Thread: HHO gas generation made easy with radio waves.

  1. Exclamation HHO gas generation made easy with radio waves.

    according to this article they are using a certain frequency to help the water split much easier.

    "A Canadian owned entrepreneurial company called FuelReducer is working on developing new energy technology that will drastically reduce our dependency on oil. FuelReducer’s H2O – Water for Fuel Project is focusing on fueling the World with sea water instead of oil or gas. FuelReducer has recently developed a prototype (see accompanying article picture) that separates water (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen using a low radio frequency. The amount of energy needed to split the water into a hydrogen fuel and the life giving oxygen is very small...

    ...Scientists have known for decades what it takes to break the bond that makes water. The secret they have been keeping from us is that water can easily be broken up into its oxygen and hydrogen parts by applying a resonant frequency (radio wave).

    The key to building a successful Cold Fission reactor is to find the resonant frequency of the bond that sticks the oxygen and hydrogen atoms together. That frequency has already be discovered. Applying the known resonant frequency in a Cold Fission reactor produces hydrogen fuel."

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    Pretty Cool. Hopefully they come out with something sooner rather than later. They will prolly ban it in the US or something crazy tho.

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