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Thread: 7 amp max draw??

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    Cool 7 amp max draw??

    Built my first dry cell -nnnnnn+nnnnnn- 200x200mm 316ss 2mm thick plates 3mm butyl with epdm rubber gasket squeezed to 2mm when sealed and 20mm acrylic end plates 3ltr tank but system holds almost 4ltrs with 400gms koh.I did not cross sand plates as I want the life of the system to validify the production and cost of building!! I have a PWM (zero fossil fuel type) but unable to connect it as my max draw is 7amps but production is very good as system is vibrating with gas production in bubbler.I am also running a scan gauge 2 and when my 2.2ltr 125hp diesel opel vectra is at tick over it consumes less than when the system was originally running at 4.5amps but at 7amps it was equal even though the enguine load was higher!! Also at 2000rpm without Hho it ran at 1.08 lph(ltrs per hour) and with hho 7amps it ran at .86 lph,both were while car was stationary. I need new auxillary belt as it is slipping and loosing amps on system but ran for 5hrs and was as cool as when I started it!!
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    To see a higher gain and extra tq, find a way to decrease the scheduled fuel and timing on the engine.

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