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Thread: Perplexed. HHO torch questions.

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    I'm new to HHO, and have no experience other than reading about it on the web and watching HHO videos. I seem to have several questions that I haven't found answers to yet. I'm glad to have found this forum where I could ask some direct questions of someone with practical experience.

    My main interest (at this time) is to make a small torch that I could use to solder and (hopefully) braze, and possibly weld, light gauge metal.

    Something that I can't understand is that all of the homemade HHO "welders" that I've seen on utube and other places, don't seem to weld. It seems that the only thing that anyone ever does is cut aluminum soda cans, heat rocks and concrete, and occasionally burn wood. I'm not interested in doing any of these things.

    I've read (somewhere) that welding with HHO makes a weak weld. Is this true? I think that I've read something about taking away carbon from the metal?

    Am I expecting too much to be able to solder, braze, weld, and occasionally cut thin sheet metal?

    Thank you in advance for any replies. I appreciate any.
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