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Thread: Free HHO Converter/Generator Research http://BuildAnHHOConverter.com

  1. Exclamation Free HHO Converter/Generator Research http://BuildAnHHOConverter.com

    I am currently researching how to build HHO Converters. I am gather all of my research on my website. If you are a professional please stop by and help our project out. If you are a beginner, our site is a good place to start.

    We have Free Videos and Documentation. http://BuildAnHHOConverter.com

    The aim of our site is to help give to others the savings and the technologies that may help save the earth!

    And hope that we can all learn something along the way.

  2. Default bad idea

    salt water when energized produces H/Cl not HHO and that robs o2 from the combustion and leaves NaCl in the cylinders
    why not just run without an air filter
    stick to your 420 and leave the science to people with both feet on the ground
    the only thing you cant do is the thing you dont want to do

  3. Default

    And where could you possibly get O2 from H2O..

    Looking with both feet off the ground your science just doesn't seem right either. You're prob better at sarcasm anyway.. lol

    Thanks for the input though..

  4. Default

    when you separate h2o you get h and o2 thats hydrogen and oxygen simple chemistry
    the only thing you cant do is the thing you dont want to do

  5. Default ok

    Anyways.. H20 means 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen.

    It's called a compound.

    HHO Gas is actually not a compound or even a mixture or a gas.. it's two gases mixed up..

    But you are right.. Electrolyzed Salt-Water is used in the production of Chlorine bleach.

  6. Default Isolating the Hydrogen

    You can actually isolate the Hydrogen from the Oxygen by Using positive and negative tubes.. the left side could contain the positive pole and the right the negative pole.

    Because the Atomic Number of Hydrogen is 1 that would make it a (-) negatively charged atom.. Thus making it attract to the opposite pole (the left one).. and Because the Atomic Number of Oxygen is 8 that would make it a (+) positively charged atom.. Thus making it attact to the opposite pole (the right one)..

    Now your hydrogen can come out the left tube and your oxygen can come out the right tube.

    You can even use distilled water with a dash of baking soda.. (electrolyte brings ph up). ph= per atom of hydrogen.

    (Solves that whole salt-water problem)..
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    yes you can isolate the two if you use a plate one side will produce O2 the other Hbut in order to get the best performance you need several plates in parallel to get enough to be worth while and seperating the gasses is not a worth while thing on this scale
    the only thing you cant do is the thing you dont want to do

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    I had a simple research setup a while back that consisted of a bunch of "U" shaped PVC pipe "cells" I wish I had pictures of it. It worked rather nicely. The only problem is that O2 side produces roughly twice as much gas as the H2 side, and if you don't have some kind of mechanism to compensate, the water level changes in the cell. The H2 side becomes more submerged, while the O2 side electrodes have the water "pushed" down and out.

    I've thought up various ways to keep the water levels even, but the simplest way I can think of is have H2 and O2 storage tanks that are different sizes... Another method was to have water level detection sensors in the cells, and "out gas" one side or the other through valves, in order to keep the water levels constant.

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    why not have a bubbler for the oxygen AND the hydrogen ports. pressure would be equalized and while hydrogen could then go to the engine, the oxygen bubbler could just disperse it into the air

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    Default Yikes.......

    HHO, equals HH (2), O (1), unless I missed something !

    You can not break it up any other way. However, it's the way you break it up and prepare it for consumption that makes all the difference. A little something I hinted on in some early posts, ................ Restrict and polarize the open air to the intake(through the throttle), then you have NO need to separate the two during electrolysis.

    As well the type of water you use is also a major help. You have a difference in water as whether it's distilled or not. Many types of water can be used but I have found that what is called Heavy water is working extremely well. You will have to look up anything else as I am not your typical HHO user as those here. If there is something I don't answer, don't be mad, it may not be something that I will answer.

    Also you may not want to use Heavy water as I'm not sure how it reacts to different electrolytes. I use no additives except alcohol for freeze prevention. Which I didn't use in time this winter and busted a cell in two.

    Good luck
    Its done right or its not done !
    Hail HHO.

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