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Thread: Meyer pulse modules

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    Default Is Jerpri still on here?

    How is this university research going?

    Any success recreating the work of Meyer?

  2. Default single cell

    I used a size 8 and size 6 stainless steel hydraulic tubing after the break in the cell produces a lot of gas almost as much as meyers cell produce took almost a month for it to produce a good amount of HHO the circuit i use is a motor pwm with NTE2376 N-channel Mosfet and for the capacitor i use .68 uf works well no heat build up for about 1 hr works even better with a dell computer power supply 19v at 4.6 amps powering the pwm only problem is that can not use more than 3 tubes it will shut off due to the load. Single cell will fill a rubber glove in 3 min. Dont be discouraged with the meyers type cell the break in takes some time i let it run for 8 hrs on the pwm drained the water refilled and bam that thing produces without a alternator and coil so just have to find the right combo on the road now but will try some EMI steel tubes mounted not just in a bottle and check pressure want to get 15 psi goal

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