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Thread: "Super Fuel" electrolyte

  1. Default "Super Fuel" electrolyte

    Breakthrough discovery!! An electrolyte that makes a gas that is undetectable to the computer Check my website for details. will try to opine.

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    Default superfuel moreco

    hello, everyone.
    I announce that I have done the test with the superfuel moreco and the impression is good.
    as you know I bought the dry powder that is a bag of 3 or 4 ounces, and be mixed with ammonia and distilled water.
    I find no ammonia and 10%, only 5% is the manufacturer recommended me for the next dose dry powder and 5% ammonia:
    7.5 liters of distilled water + 7.5 liters of 5% ammonia
    I must say that the very strong gas smell (better not breathe grave to back) is very strong ammonia smell, but the production looks good.
    I put a small video production to 12 amp with my 10 plate dry cell.
    if not dangerous to the engine by corrosion, but the manufacturer tells me that even without a bubbler can be used (using arrester)
    trying to upload the video here if I can.
    mileage gain is still early to say but more or less like the koh (for now)


    (ignore the date of the video)
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  3. Default Electrolyte for winter season

    Hi everyone i'am new to this forum and after quite few reading i have found that the winter season could be a hassle for me. and when i found that guy on you tube it seem to be interesting solution. The good thing about that is that you can use tap water or snow in winter.
    Q: is there a no no dont do that whit tha electrolyte??? I can imagine the hyodrogen production with 12 volt at 20 amp cell. In the video the guy put a 9 v batery in a glass of water and that it.
    Q: I wonder if the result ionize gas would be ok either for combustion and second for environment wise is there a problem?


    here is the french recepie
    3 c a table de baking soda
    2 onz de vinaigre
    3 tasse d'eau chaude et ou neige fondu
    1 tasse d'alcool a friction (isopropylic alcool)
    2 bouchon de peroxides d'hydrogene (H2O2)



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    Quote Originally Posted by moreco View Post
    Breakthrough discovery!! An electrolyte that makes a gas that is undetectable to the computer Check my website for details. will try to opine.
    OMG SWEET JESUS your site makes my eyes bleed.

  5. Unhappy Photographic fixer fixing my life

    Nothing can beat an accidental electrolyte. I have been processing photographs all my life and lately I was about to throw away a photographic fixer after several days of use. It looks like my pee but hey I heard this potion meant to fix the photographic silver in the picture has boric acid. I hurriedly mixed 1 pound of new fixer powder to 2 gallons of rain water. Most I stored in an air tight container in my darkroom. The 1 liter I poured into my system run by a 4x4 x 9 dry cell. The amps is just between 2-5. The voltage is maintained at 13.8vdc by my 40 amps ham radio power supply. It took my almost half an hour to generate a liter of HHO. It was ****ing snail speed. But hey how about initiating this 1 liter with a fire. The day I lighted that 1 letter was a day to remember because I have to come into a police station to explain what sort of explosion did I just detonate in my lawn. It was like a hand grenade with plastic shrapnel and of course with deafening sound. I have made lots of HHO gas and fart all my life but there never was one like the photographic fixer did to my life. I wish you guys could tell me whats in that fixer that made an explosion unlike the ones that I made out of KOH or Lye.

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    HI, from what I read, you mixed the photo fixer powder with rain water, ran your reactor with it, and stored the 1 litre of gas it created, right?
    After that, because it took too long to make 1 Litre, you thought that the solution was not effective and decided to light the gas just for fun. The resulting explosion, you say, was greater than that of the regular HHO gases which you have made in the past.
    Now, you simply want to know what was in it, aside from boric acid, that may have caused the gas to be so powerful?
    Someone else will have to answer that for you.
    My question is; have you tried it in your car as yet?
    If it really is of such high quality, then you need very little gas to get a powerful reaction, right?
    Test it and let us know how that works out.

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