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Thread: Looking for small HHO

  1. Default Looking for small HHO

    Looking for a small one, it will be going on a moped/dirtbike/atv. Just so its can run, 75% or 100% hydrogen. Don't know home L/min. Please message me ur post your prices/pictures.


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    Look in this post and tell me if this will work for you. The details about the cell should be on the thread. If you need more PM me I'll give you more detail. This system works well for my 2009 Ultra classic with 96 engine I think that's 1585, around 1.5 liter V-twin. If any of the bike or four wheeler you are looking to feed HHO, their charging system must put out enough to power the cell. This one consumed 5-10 amps and produce .7-.9lpm. which is plenty for my bike and other Harley with the same sixe eng.

    As I said PM me I'll give you details.

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    Whats your Harley's MPG with that on it? I got one, not afraid to put it on. Also whats your price you would offer for just the cell? Im willing to buy only the cell if your interested.

    Also i have my little 71 Triumph Spitfire. It gets 30 MPG and I was thinking that it has so much space for a unit in the trunk or under the hood, do you think an old engine could handle it?
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    My Harley is averaging 50-52mpg, your triumph should handle it find, you might have get a larger output Alt or re-built the one you have. I am using a bigger set up for my 1972 corvetter (four of the same cell on the bike, but two stack), not for mileage gain but performance. although since I've switch from 750CFM to 600CFM I get 14 mpg city driving,for 350 with 4bbl, that's not bad I think, that's city driving. I'll PM you on the prize of the cell.

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    Yea, I don't think I'll be putting it on my 71 Corvette, but probably on my Triumph since it will be able to put out a good output for a small 4 cyl. Thanks

  6. Default The Best HHO Kits

    Hi there,

    I have been researching and working with HHO technologies and have made several deals with lots of different companies.

    The one I recommend as the best by far was a company called HHO kits direct. They offered the best prices without a doubt and have massive sale cuts on everything.

    Here is a link to their website:


    They do 3 different types of products: a small generator, a medium and a large and are all the best prices anywhere for what they give!

    They offered me the best prices anywhere on the web and I have bought lots of generators for friends and other people from their website.

    Hope that helps,


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    I got one from hhokitsdirect and tested mmw only 2.9, less efficiency,nothing but truth,it still work ,same out put but draw more Amp then 5.3mmw,you only need 0.23liter per liter engine so it still work ,I have one BARE 771 HHO Generator never use it sale for $297 ,if any one interested you can have $140 , emai [email protected]

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    Offline, you can buy them used from game stores, video and music stores and at flea markets.

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