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Thread: hose barbs in the uk?

  1. Default hose barbs in the uk?

    part way through my build and just realised i dont want to use any metal hosed barbs... does anyone know whered i can get plastic elbowed 1/4 and 3/8 hose barbs? would'nt think it was difficult but my searches turn up zip.... thanks in advance...

  2. Default Hose barbed fittings

    T-mex through ebay does bsp standard size pipe fittings.
    They come in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 sizes. I think 3/8 size is probably good.
    You would need a 3/8 bsp tap and a drill the right size though.
    They are blue in colour and made of pp. Good for HHO with some gas ptfe tape
    on the threads to seal. Also they have different barb fittings for many combinations and size of pipe.

    Other vendors sell these also on ebay. They also do nitrile o ring in different
    diameters if you have any use for that. Delivery is very quick with them I
    got nitrile o ring, pvc glue and 3/8 barbed fittings in two or three orders.
    Always very quick to deliver.


  3. Default Not 3/8 but 1/4 bsp

    I'm replying to myself, in previous post I said 3/8 but in fact 1/4 bsp tap and fittings are probably the best size, the tap is cheaper also.


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