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    I am new to HHO but have installed my kit. I would like to know if its worth installing a venturi. At this point i have the feedline aprox 6" before the turbo which is the standard location from what i have read. I have read that adding a venturi will greatly improve the setup but i have a problem; I do not want to install anything inside the air duct incase a fluke situation happens where the venturi breaks loose and then my turbo blades get wrecked.

    I was considering purchasing a venturi for hot tubs


    and remove the spring and ball (stopper) and install it on the outside of the air tube.

    installation would be fairly straight forward; 2 (3/4) on the air tube going to the turbo and the HHO attached to the venturi. I assume the turbo will air through the venturi even though its mounted on the outside.

    has anyone have any experience with this concept?


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    I may be mistaken, but I believe the gas should be induced after the turbo. The reason doesn't come to mind at the moment, but I know that there is info here about it somewhere. I do know that if even a slight amount of e/lyte should travel past the bubbler, the turbo would be toast.
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    i am not a mechanic but a turbo has succession (vacuum) and after the turbo condenses the air (pressure) before the injection. so the feedline must be air filter side.

    On my first tank using HHO the engine was very responsive but then again it was using 25amps and that was too much for a little 1.9L engine.

    a youtuber mentioned his mileage increase by 20% by adding a venturi on his TDi style engine (not a vw engine) instead of a simple feedline before the turbo. now, you can build a venturi but since I already use them to make Biodiesel i was thinking of adding to the feedline but wanted to avoid adding the unit inside the air duct.

    something that crossed my mind was have a 3/4" hole in the air duct attached to the output of the venturi and attaching a small K&N air filter on the air input side of the venturi; this way when the turbo sucks in air it will get it from the stock duct and the new aux (venturi) except the venuri will have HHO on vacuum so as the engine demand more fuel it will suck more hho as well perhaps having more of a consistant HHO through the rpm range?

    how does that sound???

    can you guys visualize it?

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    Even though I have had good luck with my Mercedes injecting into the air cleaner here is a quote by Stevo and I am quite sure he is right.

    you should inject after the turbocharger and if you don't have a diaphragm style boost system then you need to try and find a EVAP purge line which might be connected to a solenoid and tee into that with a one-way check valve. Another tee into the intake arm is needed for boost conditions.
    Now maybe Stevo could give you some details on the after the turbo set up which I have not tried.
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    HHO installed after the air filter and before the turbo---installed before the entrance one or two filters for petrol, as a possible condensate separator
    -Jetta will go like a bullet..only the PWM.... and enhancer on the signal wire MAF / P sensor if you want .. nothing else is needed

    -0.8 lpm max,or do not go over 6Amps -gas must be clear, no fog, without forcing electrolysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_The_Carper View Post
    - Passat Wagon 1.9TDI---4L diesel fuel/100km...If you believe ... if not, can not help you
    you are getting those results with your hho/passat tdi? that is very good. can you upload a picture of your setup please.

    at this point i do not have any electronics but was considering the Volo chip. Do you guys think its a waste of money and I am better off with a pwn or ccpwn?

    My engine is chipped and has larger nozzles and really has tons of power but I swapped the ecu (chipped) for a stock ecu to see if I will get more mileage but still in the testing phase. Not sure if I should put back the stock nozzles or add some higher quality nozzles that create better atomization and more fuel delivery (these nozzles work that way).

    I increased the electrolyte yesterday and that thing MOVES.

    that for all the help and direction.


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