i read on this forum people talking about chip on their TDI.. what chip is this?

QUOTE=evangelos;46705]let me provide some background:

i have a jetthey i read on this thread about using a mk4 (1.9L) and mk5 (1.9L) but now only the mk4 is running on HHO.

mk4 options:

* larger nozzles (205)
* chip
* the modifications gave me 10% more mileage when my wife drives the car
* installed wet cell HHO at aprox. 20amps stable and got 200km extra on the tank with 100% Biodiesel not diesel.
* removed the ecu that was chipped and added the stock ecu and reduced electrolyt to 10amps and lost 100km
* now i am with stock with 15amps and the power is fantastic; you see when i can the chipped ecu i had a lot of power to the redline. Now i have power to the redline but no modified ecu BUT running at 15 amps.
* i do not think I am taxing the alternator at 15 amps.
* my other problem is that if i have power i drive like a madman. of course this is the case because i make my fuel but biodiesel is not good in the cold Montreal winter weather (-35C).

*I am waiting for a dry cell to arrive from


just to test the difference. The seller told me the same thing that volo is not required and even no electronics once the electrolyt is stable.[/QUOTE]