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Thread: Looking to Buy an HHO KIT

  1. Default Looking to Buy an HHO KIT

    hello guys.....i'm new here,

    i've been reading on hho's for over a year and i was at first skeptical until i met a fellow car enthusiast who had a home made kit installed in his studebaker.

    he swore that without the kit, his car would idle roughly(low compression) and pollute badly.. i should have exchanged contact info but i was running late for an appointment.

    i've searched close to a dozen sites and they all claim to be the best... 2 of them are ebay sellers(hydroclubusa being the seller i remember).

    i own a 1993 toyota mr2(2.2L non-turbo in stock form).

    i have modded my engine to include a turbo(ct26). a couple of site claimed that i need a system that produces 1 liter of hho per liter of engine displacement.

    i am seriously confused.. prices range from $350 - $1000. i've looked for a tutorial on a diy write up.. haven't found one yet that explains explicitly how to build it.

    i will be uprgrading my turbo up to a ct20b and using a megasquirt engine management standalone.

    i read a thread using afc like apexi's safc.. for the same cost of an afc unit a megasquirt ems with give full control of your air/fuel ration and with complete management of all engine sensors.. megasquirting will be a very nice option for many of you hho veterans.

    you help and suggestions are appreciated.
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    guys i'm trying to build my own hho kit and every link i go to that says its for free.. they want to charge me $29 for the plans.

    if found a link to a hydrostar system but that is way to complex for me.

    this link states that i can make my own hho kit for under $100... nice but then it charges for the plans - http://hho-booster.info/

    please help,

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    Your car only needs 1-1.5 LPM, You can gather enough data from this forum to build your own. Even with the plans that uses the SS light switch will give you what your car needs. The key to small electrlyzer is keeping them cool. I recommend you run at the min a 1gl reservoir. with this configuration -NNNNN+ and draw 15-20 amps you will achieve your goal. You will need an EFIE for you car. Run 1lb of NaOH per 1 gl of Distilled water.

    Stay in touch in the forum I should have time next week to post the plans for my waterless bubbler, you will need an efficient bubbler as well.

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    What do you guys think about about hhokitsdirect ?

    Are they good?


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    Quote Originally Posted by markopolo View Post
    What do you guys think about about hhokitsdirect ?

    Are they good?

    The plates are not prepared correctly as you will learn on this forum, their systems run 5 neutrals and require very good bubbler systems. The 10 inch bubbler sent in their kit is not effective for cleaning the gas. I am currently working on a 773 and 771 to prep the plates properly and increase efficiency. The heat that the systems speak of in the videos is not an issue when the plates are prepared correctly and you stay below .5 amps/sq. in.

    Honestly if I had it to do over again and I previously knew about this site I would take the time to research the information on this forum and save up my cash for putting my own dry-cell together. Through the information on this site you'll build a much better reactor for less or equal amounts of cash if you have to send your plates out.

    Just my 2-cents

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    I have a 772 on a GM 4.3L V-6. The output is great, problem is, the electronics are not working right and the ECM compensates and runs rich. Now that winter is almost over, I will begin again to get my ECM working right. But, I've had no problems with the 772. You won't get much followup help from HHO kits, you're kinda on your own once the sale is made. But just make sure you get a good EFIE. hhoelectronics has links to some really good ones. Don't bother with the Volo chips. It's all going to depend on how your vehicle electronics react to the EFIE etc. That's my opinion for my vehicle. Good Luck.....

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    Hi there,
    I am also new but have been involved for the past 3 yrs and have tried out several systems( including my own!)
    I have used Hydroclub USA for a whiole and they are good and very helpfull, They are also the bets priced and will answer any questions you may have. You ncan contact them directly on their website and speak to Jessica or Richie. Good luck with your ventures

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    Ive been considering selling mine. I used it for my 2.2L 97 accord and at one point got results but ive been focusing on solving a few issues and Im going to tune up my car a lil and do some mods before i approach this again.
    heres the link. it has everything youll need for a successful installation.

    the cell and bubbler are from hydroclub. the cell works great
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  9. Default HHO Generator Kit

    Hi there,

    I have been researching and working with HHO technologies and have made several deals with lots of different companies.

    The one I recommend as the best by far was a company called HHO kits direct. They offered the best prices without a doubt and have massive sale cuts on everything.

    Here is a link to their website:


    They offered me the best prices anywhere on the web and I have bought lots of generators for friends and other people from their website.

    Hope that helps,


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