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Thread: New Videos for Newbies

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    Default New Videos for Newbies

    I made a couple of more videos to try and save us all some typing. The first one is called "HHO Installation Frequently Asked Questions" and the second one is "Tips on Building an Efficient Dry Cell". Hopefully these will answer some of the questions that we hear over and over. If you are a newbie, please watch these videos before asking questions.

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    Nice job on the new videos- I'm going to look in to what I have to do to get a sticky set up here for your newbie vid's. They sure save a lot of keyboard work!

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    Excellent again Mike. I post stuff and forget were I posted it so cannot refer someone to it. LOL This will save a lot of time.

    Bio send FuzzyTomCat a PM he should be able to help.
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    ONE Liter per minute per 10 amps which just isn't possible Ha Ha .

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    Quote Originally Posted by myoldyourgold View Post
    Excellent again Mike. I post stuff and forget were I posted it so cannot refer someone to it. LOL This will save a lot of time.

    Bio send Fuzzy Cat a PM he should be able to help.
    Thanks Carter

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    Good videos Mike.

    Thanks "D"

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    hi, i'm trying to make a dry cell but i need to know how many hydrogen is producing my device and how may plates i need to instal in the cell to supply the sufficient hydrogen to the engine. i've tryed to find the differnt equations to calculate this parameters but i hadn't found any. Do you know here i can find this equations?....thanks

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    somebody knows how i can mesaure the amount of electrolyte i may use to produce oxigen in a 7 plates cell?

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    once again Mike you are "the man"
    thank you so much for all your vids. I have learned so much from them. I played around with small cheap wallplate designs just for kicks and giggles, but now that I got a glimps of its potential I cant wait to build my first dry cell.
    I think of myself as a perfectionist so befor I atempt it I feel there is much more research I must do and also still need to find a reasonable source for my 316l I found
    any tips folks?

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    Hello Mike,

    I have been playing with HHO generator for a few months now and struggled to keep the temperature down. I bought one of those steamers you talk about in your video. Live and learn.

    so I went back to the basics and built a two plate cell configuration below:

    316l stainless steel
    Surface area: 4.32 sq. in. (Pi*2-3/4squared)
    100 grams KOH + 300 grams distilled water.

    Acrylic plate (water-in) | 3/16" o-ring | SS with holes | 3/16" o-ring | SS with holes | 3/16" o-ring | Acrylic plate (gas out)

    So with my lambda power supply I cranked up the voltage and there was very little current through the HHO generator until I hit 2.2volts an then it was nice and consistent 6.1 amps with no heating whatsoever.

    I went through the whole thermodynamic process exercise of enthalpy and entropy and long story short, the math matched up pretty close to the measurements I took.

    P = 13.54 Watts and I produced 1.89 liters in 19.18 minutes.

    Efficiency = 2.29 watts per Liter per hour.

    Long story short is that the holes in the plates in the neutral plates act as an express way for current and only after the expressway is full will the current be forced to go through the neutral plate. So I have confirmed the source of the heat, but the question is how to build a more efficient cell?

    Need to get the water in and out, but without holes through the neutral plates. The end plates don't really matter since that is the source or the sink for the current.

    Any suggestions for a practical design?

    Thanks for the help Mike.


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    Hi Mike, I finally got signed up. Keep up the good work. :-)

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