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Thread: Vodka as a water replacement.

  1. Default Vodka as a water replacement.

    So i was getting drunk in my garage and realized that Vodka contains alot of water and does not Freeze. So i tried it without baking soda with some results but more of course when the electrolyte. Might be something to try for a cold hho projects.

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    Only fear i would have is the evapoation of the alcohol trough electrolisis would be pretty hard on the engine. I have nothing to back this up other than if you get gasoline that has too much ethanol, it will cause the engine to ping and knock.

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    e85 is 85% alcohol, regular gas has 10% alcohol in it now a days

    alcohol in high amounts such as e85 is corrosive on aluminum parts such as pistons and heads if the car is sitting in storage not being used

    for your purposes it should be fine since you are not putting very much in to the engine, with proper air to fuel ratios e85 is higher octane (about 105) than gas but it is a leaner mixture in an unturned car so more fuel would need to be put in to richen it up

    for the cost of buying alcohol or to make it yourself it would take to much time, id stick to using water
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