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Thread: Wet cell vs. Dry cell ? ?

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    Default Wet cell vs. Dry cell ? ?

    I am new here, and have been reading some of the posts, and looking at some of the video links.

    About my experience; I built a wet cell, seven plates, in a culligan water filter container. My layout was + - + - + - + - +. After reading posts, and looking at videos, I realize that this arrangement will overheat, and that I should go with 5 neutral plates between the one posative and the one negative plate, to get closer to the aproximate 2 volt, plate-to-plate, configuration to release hydrogen from the water, drawing less current and keeping the unit cooler.

    I am willing to try this, but I am seeing a lot of videos about "dry" cells.
    I know nothing about them and would like to know a lot more.

    What are the benefits of dry over wet?

    Does "dry" actuially mean there is no sollution (water and electrolyte)?
    The views of the dry cells I have seen look like the unit have a front and a back plate, but no sides.

    If this is a dumb question, please point me in the direction to learn more.

    As my forum name implies, I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel, and I have no problem using it as a testing platform. I currently get 36 MPG city and 41 highway, with no mods at all. All factory set-up.

    Once I can get, and sustain, a working HHO generator, I plan to put one in my 2009 Hyundai Tucson and my 2012 VW Passat.

    Thanks for this forum and all the information I have already gathered, and the info I will get in the future.


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    if you some search in the forum you will find clues here

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    Here you go:

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    Quote Originally Posted by papernoob View Post
    if you some search in the forum you will find clues here
    Thank you.

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    Hi, welcome!
    I do recommend that you check out the HHOCONNECTION videos, esp the one on dry cell construction, for some great tips.

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    Hey Guys me Mark.Well i think that Wet cells and dry cells are two variations on voltaic tissues. Commonly called battery power,voltaic cells convert chemical power into electrical power and are needed to power most portable technology.Thanks!!

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    One of my older build wet cells.
    can't find the thread relating to "on demand production"
    This is close?

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