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Thread: HHO Items for Sale

  1. Default HHO Items for Sale

    Decided to sell my HHO items, going to try methanol route, all prices for USA shipped

    I have four of these, they are 2 lbs each of NaOH, will sell it all for $25 shipped
    or $10 shipped each

    Amp Meter that reads up to 50 Amps, $18 shipped

    3 Quart tank, 30 shipped

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    150 Amp CC PWM with External Knobs, paid 90 total, sell for $70 shipped, aluminum discoloration on the case

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    Digital CC PWM, paid $129, selling for 100, the amp reading is wrong or its displaying incorrectly, tried to fix by the pressing calibrate button but doesn't fix it, otherwise works fine, controls PWM frequency, duty, will have to look for the 10 gauge wiring it included

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    Default Let us know how things go.

    If you are able, please post your work on the water methanol reactor. Maybe it can be another/better method for creating the hydrogen rich gas needed to improve the internal combustion engines in our vehicles.

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    All items that shared in your post was new one's why you want to sell them and how is your desired price to sell them,.

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    Hello mate,
    I was interested In your 50 amp meter if it's still for sale. I do live in Australia though but any help would really be helpful. I'm just starting out and this forum is a real help. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks mate

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