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Thread: 3D printing.

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    Default 3D printing.

    With 3D printers being all the rage, here is one I would like.


    This one "prints out" metal parts!

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    That is flippen awesome! Looks like I'll have to dream a little bigger to get that one.
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    I saw some DIY plans to build one to do plastic parts that didn't brake the bank. I could think of many uses for it too. It was still out of my reach. LOL
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  4. Default Shapeways

    i am thinking it would be fun to have a cell 3d printed at shapeways http://www.shapeways.com/themes/stai...inting_gallery

    its $10 per cubic cm so i am not sure how that compares to the stainless steel sheets plus our time. but for me personally it would be easier to design in cad the surface area i need and then have it printed and shipped to me with all the ports and connections already on it (no soldering, bolting, screwing, etc. necessary). the bronze additive concerns me as well but it would be interesting to try a small cell and compare performance with a stainless steel assembled unit of the same size

    not sure if you're aware but the 3d print resolution is so high now you can print moving parts already assembled and they actually work.

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    also, even if shapeways' stainless-bronze material is not a good enough conductor/cathode/anode, we could still probably save time printing the chassis in clear plastic instead of gluing/screwing together acrylic plates and tube ports. i'm imagining a cell chassis that has slots for you to just slide in the pre-cut stainless plates/tubes and then has a water-tight/screw-on lid, and holes/ports for any connections. especially if you want them mass-produced, this is the way i think.

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