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Thread: HHO Gas flow meter

  1. Default HHO Gas flow meter

    where can i buy a gas flow meter so i can tell how much gas my system is making.. i've checked ebay that they all seem rather expensive..

    I want something that can measure upto at least 20 litres as well so i can get an accurate reading as well as know what my system is truly getting..

    Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just made mine with 3" pvc pipe, 3" endcap, one 90 degree elbow fitting and a 1/4" copper tube piece. All mounted on a 2x12 wood base that i made, its a little tall but a 1 liter bottle fits perfectly down the pipe and i spent maybe 15 dollars on all the parts.

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    Hi Heavens

    Some pictures would be welcome

    Civic Si 4 doors 2004, 1.7 liters V-TEC
    5N2 reactor
    CCPWM @ 7 amp
    1 Gal Capacity
    ~2% NaOH
    Waterless Peat Moss Bubbler

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    I'll try to take some tonight or tomorrow and post them up as soon as I can.


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    Havens, can u post the pics here please?

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