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Thread: my hho dry cell not working pls help

  1. Default my hho dry cell not working pls help

    i made 4x5" 1mm 304 ss 13 plates dry cell +nnnnn-nnnnn+. i clean all the surface, i try 1/16 and 1/32 gaps each plates and when i hook it to my car battery it didn't work, i try all all no. plates 11plate 4 neutrals, 3 neutrals, 6plates etc. but it didn't work, i just only saw a very little bubbles. but when i put it in 24v dc there's a minimal increase i also tried it in 36v dc it works but not that much as seen on the others dry cell. it only work in a very high voltage what seems to be a problem?
    please help.

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    What electrolyte are you using and at what concentration?

    At first read, it sounds like you may be trying to use plain water.

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    yes, im using only tap water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ams0111 View Post
    yes, im using only tap water.
    Tap water isn't a very good conductor of electricity, as your testing has shown.
    The amount that it does conduct is due to the trace chemicals used for water treatment, often chlorine, maybe fluoride, probably others leached from the supply pipes etc.

    You need to start with a clean slate - distilled water.
    Then you need to use an electrolyte mixed with the water.
    Most commonly used is Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), either one works well, I use NaOH because it's easily available (at the supermarket) for me.

    How much you need to use is dependent on your particular installation, they're all a bit different.
    I'd suggest that you start with only a small amount and gradually increase the concentration until you're happy with the results.

    Drain and flush what's in the reactor and reservoir now, then refill with whichever electrolyte mix you choose.

    Be careful, this stuff is very dangerous to work with, search for a full list of the proper safety precautions before you mix it.

    Please let us know how you get on.

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    TO get a good start on your project, just read other threads which started out like yours. Others have asked the same questions many many many times, and got answers, so just look at what has worked for them.

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    can i use use kiwi dranex drain cleaner to my dry cell as an electrolyte?
    it contain sodium nitrate,sodium hydroxide 52.5%w/w

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    hey had the same problem with mine i have not had the time to fix it although electrolyte will help check you amps and the size of your plates cause more or less resistance depending on their size. mine has stored energy like a battery and i plan on decreasing the plate size if you have had any luck please share with me maybe we can help each other.

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