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Thread: Fully Water Powered Moped!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Butch Guest



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    where did he go?

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    See my recent post.


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    Checkmate240ZT Guest


    Ok, I know, the guys from Roswell came and pick him up!!!

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    JonDoh Guest



    Dude just tease everybody!!!

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    c02cutter Guest


    Hmmmm... What a shame

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    Sounds to good to be true. Especially on just water. The components sound to be about right for gov. usage. The military loves multipurpose tools. AC and DC current would allow a welding rig as well as fuel for the vehicle.

    PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX-- or -- Video...lol
    "You don't always have to know ALL the answers, but you do need to know where to find them."

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    SamB52 Guest

    Default Come on, Man!

    Quote Originally Posted by ELECTR0N3RD View Post
    I Just Got An Old Hho Generator From An Old Army Humvey For Scrap!!! The Guys Didnt Even Know What Is Was!!!!! It Was Even Manufactured In A Factory, So It Looks Professional Even!!!! This Is No Homemade Mileage Pigyback Increase, This Is The Real Deal!! It Has A 120 Ac Hookup With A Stepdown Transformer And A Pcb Board With A Simple Circuit, And As For The Electrodes They Are Just Like The Water 4 Gas Version, Except Multiple In One Little Box!, Im Still Confused About The Ac Plug Though, But That Shoul D Easy To Fix, It Also Has An Inverter On It To Switch Back And Forth From Ac To Dc, And Looks Like The Plug Comes Out, Also Has Multiple Knobs On Front To Adjust Output, And Get This It Gets Up To 32 Liters Per Minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Lowest Setting Is .5 Liters Per Min. And At Max Draws 7 Amps!!!! Insane I Know, We Hooked It Up To My Honda C70 Passport(moped) No Gas, And Fired Right Up!, I Can Cruise Over 50 Miles Per Hour With The Setting Set To 12 Liters Per Min, On Just Water!!!! Pictures To Come! P.S WITH NO ELECTROLYTE!!!!(only tap water)
    Come on, Andrew. Don't play with us like that! Send pix, design details. If you really like to take stuff apart, do it! Pictures.. Man!

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    NO listen I went to se Andrews home page and try to see what was there along with a not for sending that thread..

    After doing that and returning I realized what he said is exactly what we all want in a system. as simple as Water4gas with all of the easy going soft biting electronics and small enough to fit a scooter, not to say anything about that awesom 32Qt per min. or maximum 7 amps .....That was a good one!

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    coffeeachiever Guest

    Default Mib?

    This Electron guy had over 80 posts. Real posts, not a bunch of bull. He was also selling HHO generators.
    I have heard before that the army was using HHO during WWII in their vehicles. Veterans have testified to that.
    Companies that claim to have advanced this technology seem to vanish into thin air.

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